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  1. General Board
    Guys ,buying my first switch rod ,to use as a mini Spey rod ,I tried a friends Guideline Laxa outfit last week ,lovely but a little on the soft side ,was recommended the LPXE V3 ,by my local tackle dealer ,any of ye fish that rod. Anything else I should consider ? Andy
  2. General Board
    Anyone had dealings directly with Loop tackle Sweden and can give their recommendation. Looking at a few items in the Outlet Store. Thank you in advance. Regards and stay safe. NH
  3. Swap Shop
    Hi I have 18 Scandinavian tubes I would like to trade, mainly tied on frodin TTT tubes with frodin tungsten discs these are flies I used to sell between 7 and 9 euros each. I would like to trade for a good quality tackle bag like Simms or Patagonia, or maybe a well used decent quality 8 or...
  4. General Board
    The current situation has got me thinking that going forward, where possible, I'd like to buy UK made tackle in order to support small UK businesses which will no doubt be struggling and in need of support to get back on their feet. I'd be interested to know of UK made tackle...
  5. General Board
    I'm not sure if this has already been brought up, but with the current issues surrounding the Salmon decline. I think it would benefit from all involved (business, tackle shops, license bodies etc) all contributing as per a tax as the yanks do with the Pittman-Robertson Act??
  6. General Board
    This is one for all you braid proponents and regular users. I saw this Berkley X9 on offer so bought a spool to fill my multiplier. I used the drop down box and selected 31lbs. What arrived was an exampleof the most confusing labeling ever.:( The diameter states 0.14mm which I thought was...
  7. General Board
    I am sitting looking out of the window as storm Dennis is starting to hit contemplating the new season ahead. Part of the enjoyment I have is getting and trying good new tackle. So this year I am really looking forward to trying a 14’ 9wt sage igniter in Norway in June. I haven’t bought it yet...
  8. General Board
    Heres some happy kids with there donated lot of donated tackle will be going to a teenage club that does amazing work with teenagers and helps keep them of the streets and learns them good values in life. If you have any tackle you would like to donate to the program please get in...
  9. General Board
    Be interesting to see what people think of this: Potential extension to the Yorkshire and North East coastal sea trout netting season - Environment Agency - Citizen Space Are the EA in the NE living in some parallel universe? My views on the EA are known. Poorly led...
  10. General Board
    Here's the next batch of tackle ready to be picked up by the lucky recipients for free to get youngsters in to fishing. 2 salmon spinning kits 2 trout spinning kits 3 trout fishing kits 1 salmon fly fishing kit Thanks for the donations from members and those on my Facebook Please keep the...
  11. Vendor Deals
    See the advert below for more details. I use these lines myself quality made in china From a factory that produces for some of the big UK tackle firms surprise surprise. £7.50 posted or £5 collection Perth area.
  12. General Board
    Interested to know what people hold as there most memorable pieces of salmon tackle and the reasons, was just thinking of the fortunes of brass I spent over the last 30 years of proper salmon fishing.on all sorts of tackle and was thinking of the items that really made a difference for me...
  13. General Board
    Another few bits tackle donated to the LET'S Get THEM FISHING PROjECT Great how many people on forum and my Facebook page have donated. There are lots of happy youngsters teenagers who have benefited from this project Many thanks
  14. General Board
    Here is the latest batch of tackle donated to the let's get them fishing project. Thanks to all the members who have donated tackle, Some nice salmon fly rods and reels,and spinning gear,flies ,condoms,etc,fishing clothing,trout stuff This tackle will all be of to lucky young lads and teenagers...
  15. General Board
    LETS GET THEM FISHING another happy lad Another youngster with his rod and reel and box of tackle from the LETS GET THEM FISHING PROJECT
  16. General Board
    Here's another batch of donated tackle ready to be handed out to any youngsters wanting to get in to fishing To date 11 spinning kits and assorted tackle 4 salmon fly rods and reels 6 trout rods and reels Thanks to members who have made donations. It is greatly appreciated by myself and the...
  17. General Board
    Does anyone know if the BOGOF offer at Helmsdale tackle is still on or finished now? I cant remember if Ron had it on the front page of the website?
  18. General Board
    What fly suppliers do you guys use,or is it mostly from the major tackle shops.
  19. General Board
    Hi - I am desperately trying to find the regulations that cover fishing for Salmon at the above location from 2019 onwards. I just want to make sure I comply with the requirements. Can anyone send me a link or even summarise the main points of the legislation. i.e. if it is simply catch and...
  20. Classified Sales
    Hi Guys I have a wooden tackle box that I had made and no longer use it. I wondered if anyone is interested in buying it. Its a lovely piece and would be ideal for storing fishing tackle or other kit. Dims are Length 80cm x width 48cm x height 23cm I was thinking of about £250 plus P&P which...
1-20 of 60 Results