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  1. Classified Wanted
    I'm looking for a MOW tip T11 medium preferably 2.5'/7.5' or 5'/5' to try on a Rio Skagit Max Short Just thought I'd try here first. Let me know if you have anything spare must be in good condition Thanks
  2. Swap Shop
    I have a new and unused set of 15ft T tips & wallet that i have no use for so looking to swap for a SH 42g - 44g line or kit. The set consists of 3 15ft tips that are clearly marked and looped both ends, T11, T14 & T18. PM if interested. Will also sell. Thanks, Kenny
  3. Classified Sales
    Rio T11 i MOW Tips I have for sale a complete set of 4 Rio iMOW T11 tips. These are in excellent condition. iMOW T11 10FT INTERMEDIATE iMOW T11 10FT 7.5FT INT/2.5FT T11 iMOW T11 10FT 5FT INT/5FT T11 iMOW T11 10FT 2.5FT INT/7.5FT T11 PRICE £48 WHICH INCLUDES POSTAGE. PAYMENT BY PAYPAL AS...
  4. Classified Sales
    Withdrawn from sale
  5. Classified Sales
  6. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a couple of 10ft light mow tips,T7,T11
  7. Classified Sales
    I have for sale my Rio T11 MOW Tips. I have very lightly fished these tips and are in excellent condition. They are as follows MOW 10' T11 MEDIUM FLOATING MOW 10' T11 MEDIUM FLOATING w/ 2.5 T11 MOW 10' T11 MEDIUM FLOATING w/ 5 FT T11 MOW 10' T11 MEDIUM FLOATING w/ 7.5 T11 MOW 10' T11 MEDIUM MOW...
  8. Classified Sales
    Sold .
1-8 of 8 Results