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  1. Rods
    Looking for opions I have a 15ft spey rod and l am looking at buying either a 13ft spey or a 12ft switch rod ,both these rods would suit the rivers I fish Just want to know the pros a cons
  2. Rods
    Interested investing on a bloke switch rod. Anybody any experience of them on here?
  3. General Board
    Guys ,buying my first switch rod ,to use as a mini Spey rod ,I tried a friends Guideline Laxa outfit last week ,lovely but a little on the soft side ,was recommended the LPXE V3 ,by my local tackle dealer ,any of ye fish that rod. Anything else I should consider ? Andy
  4. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Had a mess around making a Silver Wilkinson shrimp! Maybe one for a very bright day! Excuse the red thing at the front... Used bucktail for the tail, fox for the wing and hen for the hackles. Having made the switch from cock hackles, I am not sure I will ever buy a cock cape again...
  5. Classified Wanted
    I’m after a Mackenzie switch rod if anybody has one gathering dust. G2 preferred but would consider an atlas. 7/8 or 8/9. Many thanks.
  6. General Board
    Just wondering, if any ones tried any of the rods on e bay ads. on here that seem to crop up rather regular.Fish Corona I think they are, usually ex demo/shop soiled items, in particular any of the Switch rods or the smaller double handers. They always seem to be cropping up in a reasonable...
  7. Classified Sales
    Hi All, have for sale a mint as new Loop S1 Switch Fly Rod 10'7" 7weight absolutely cracking rod. ROD NOW SOLD posted Ireland or UK can email photo's on Rgds, Darra
  8. Classified Wanted
    Am looking for a Hardy Jet 8/9 Switch Rod in very good condition if anyone has one. Oddly Hardy no longer do an 8/9 rod in their current switch range
  9. General Board
    Lockdown notwithstanding there are some really good deals on tackle at the moment. Particularly attracted to the (Guideline) John Norris 11' 7#/8 switch rod. Got another very similar rod, convince me to buy one please. Anyone know what it weighs? Anyone using one?
  10. Custom Builds
    For no other reason than I can, oh go on then because they're cheap too, been looking at making up a blank and been looking at the Aventik Blanks on 13ft7ins 9/10 or there about to the 11ft 6ins 6/7 weight Switch blanks kicking about on eBay at the moment. Just wondered if there's any feed back...
  11. General Board
    John Norris are having a sale of the above at the moment. Anyone got an opinion on them? I fancy a 10' #6 for use on the Wear, overhead casting where possible and single handed speycasting where necessary. I've got a #7 11' switch rod, would like something a bit lighter in the hand and on the...
  12. General Board
    I can't find much info on the Snowbee diamond 2 switch, I've been offered one at a reasonable price but I already have the 7/8wt oracle switch. Is it worth buying to replace my oracle or is it a side step. It would be good to hear some of your thoughts? Thanks Al
  13. Classified Sales
    Brand new in the box 30 gram esss gaelforce switch line looking £65.00
  14. Classified Wanted
    After I decent quality reel for a 7# switch rod.
  15. Classified Sales
    Loop cross s1 custom switch built by Ross james custom rod's, mint condition 11ft, #6, 5 piece rod although it's rated #6 will like most os the loop cross rods take a #7 with ease I used a snowbee #6/7 switch line which is perfect on the rod I will include in the sale, only selling as I have...
  16. Classified Sales
    Used loop cross s1 10,7 #7 switch rod in excellent condition. SOLD
  17. Classified Wanted
    Hey Guys, I am looking for a Sage Method Switch Fly Rod. If anyone is wanting to sell or anyone knows where they are any for sale. Thanks in advance.
  18. Classified Sales
    Brand new, 8/9 Barrio switch line RRP £39 Looking £35
  19. General Board
    I have a fairly cheap switch rod, namely Oracle 8/9, which I line with a Barrio 7/8 switch line. I like to have 100yds of backing and use 50lb breaking strain cheapish Dyneema braid. Being cheap I expect that it is only 30lb breaking strain in real life which is why I choose 50lb. (0.38mm) I...
1-19 of 268 Results