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  1. Grayling Fishing
    Out with the pin today for a quick couple of hours. Lost several nice fish before landing this poor ol girl. With a hole in her flank.Fought well and swam off strong. Then the rain came down and put paid to that Sewinfly............
  2. Picture Gallery
    Picked up this monster :pound: today on a wee red junction shrimp it took over Forty minutes to land :rolleyes: and swam away strongly after twenty minutes of revival :lol: 51lb :lie:
  3. General Board
    Twice this year I have caught fish which I have played fairly quickly, kept them in the water and practiced good [email protected], I've noticed slight bleeding from the gills but eventually they have swam off. Do you think these fish will survive or is it best to chap them if you see bleeding???
  4. General Board
    Please can someone confirm what this is! Stopped off at Kinkell Bridge on the earn with my boy to watch the trout rise and the thing in the picture swam past.
1-4 of 4 Results