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  1. English Rivers
    Greetings. The Taw beat survey is conducted annually by the River Taw Fisheries Association (RTFA). It is compiled in confidence and is designed to give RTFA a comprehensive view on catches for the Taw catchment. RFTA encourage all riparian owners to support this survey in order to provide an...
  2. General Board
    Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolt and early post-smolt migration and survival inferred from multi-year and multi-stock acoustic telemetry studies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, northwest Atlantic | ICES Journal of Marine Science | Oxford Academic An interesting smolt survey on Canadian Atlantic...
  3. General Board
    As our long-term members and visitors will know, we like to check in now and then with our readers to ask some questions via a short survey format to see if we are heading in the right direction with our range of fishing websites and forums at Fish and Fly Ltd, or if there are other services we...
  4. River Dee
    2018 Report on 2017 Smolt Tracking Survey Full report here.
  5. General Board
    Hi Salmon Anglers I work for Inland Fisheries Ireland - the government agency responsible for promoting angling in Ireland among other things. We are currently running a survey of UK anglers to gauge how Brexit might affect their angling holiday preferences - would it be possible to start a...
1-5 of 5 Results