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  1. Picture Gallery
    Daughter and I took to the high ground today as the tide wasn't suitable to walk the beach . As we watched some seagulls getting fidgety above the water about half a mile out up popped a dolphin . Too far away for any sort of picture but it was great to see it and anticipate when and where it...
  2. Trout Fishing
    Some footage from last month of dollaghan (strain of Brown Trout from Lough Neagh, N Ireland), great to get a closer look at what happens under the surface! Hope you enjoy :) (NB. this was filmed under license) Dollaghan Diary 2019 - YouTube
  3. Swap Shop
    Sage One 15 ft 10 wt no tube or bag in good used condition, a few light rubs but they are only to the surface finish open to offers of shorter rods Rod now gone thanks for the interest
  4. Picture Gallery
    Not a great photo but another quality fish last night..... Around the 6 to 7 mark! Short, fat and silver Surface lure
  5. Shooting Heads
    Am interested in the Norris Atlantic Integrated heads, specifically the Hover version.Main interest's in the sink rate of the head.I know it says 1ips but in the real world any one with any experiences of this line,I'd expect and indeed want it for my purposes to be slower than an intermediate...
  6. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    As if it's not bad enough that synchems are implicated in the reduction of salmon populations due to reducing smolt fitness etc., but the recent news is even more depressing for the future state of our rivers and oceans. UK faces build-up of plastic waste - BBC News Seven charts that explain...
  7. General Board
    Just a thought or two, when fishing any form of waking fly, do you think the actual pattern of the fly is of any consequence?,is it purely down to the size and speed of the wake with the fish homing in on that and that alone or are they actually moving for the slightly sub surface item itself...
  8. Salt Water Fishing
    Surface lure fishing for bass with patchinko and poppers - YouTube
  9. Classified Sales
    Testing the water here. Two skillets for sale . Volcanic. The original Orange colour that Le Creuset is known for. Both 26cm. One square with ridged cooking surface. The other round with flat cooking surface. Except for blackening on pan bottom , both are like new. No chipping of enamel or...
  10. Picture Gallery
    3lb 8oz brown trout from the Luther, biggest I've ever caught, thought it was a grilse when I hooked it until he came up to the surface!
1-10 of 10 Results