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  1. Classified Sales
    Selling my Mackenzie FX1, its the 14' 4 piece, just bought it this year but do not use it, its a phenomenal rod in mint condition, deep loading with a fast tip. For me 39g is best suited to this rod, I have lines if they are required as well. I will send pics to interested parties. £500 posted
  2. Spinning
    Is there any real difference between them ? Jointed rapalas appear to have more movement and vibration from them than a standard rapala, do they catch as many fish as the standard type rapala? Or are they better suited for a particular kind of water ie coloured or really rough? Cheers Al
  3. General Board
    Folks i recently purchased a 10ft #7 demon sintrix fly rod and was wondering what line would be best suited to this particular rod also grain/gram weight.
  4. News & Features
    Which go pro would be most suited for use when fishing , any info appreciated
  5. Worm Fishing
    Hi I was wondering would this rod be suited for worming.
  6. General Board
    Good evening all, My lad who is 11 is mad keen on fishing, can anyone recommend a fairly priced fly rod suited for kids. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Classified Sales
    Airflo Rage 540 grain floating head. I used this line about 10 times until i bought a heavier 600g which is more suited to my rod. £25 incl P&P.
  8. Rookies Corner
    In precisely 3 weeks i will be fishing the Spey - I have never fished salmon before although fish trout on still water with much lighter tackle. All I have secured so far for this is a Greys Greyflex M2 13 ft 9wt rod - so in no particular order! Whats the best suited reel for this rod? The...
1-8 of 8 Results