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  1. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    The results of the smolt migration study on the River Dee have just been released. This year there were minimal fatalities from in river predation. The majorities of losses occurred in the last 1.5 km within the harbour.
  2. News & Features
    The Environment Agency has produced a report that states Freshwater anglers contribute an estimated 1.4 billion to the English economy and supports up to 27,000 full time jobs. The study found that coarse fishing was the most popular activity accounting for 19 million days of fishing. Game...
  3. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Just listened to a report on my way home tonight from Andrew Graham Stewart, he was reporting on a big scientific study done on the Uk, Ireland and Scandinavian waters and the effect of fish farms, the conclusion was that around 30% of migrating fish are killed as they pass the fish farms either...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I have been reading this for a while and enjoy the talk about salmon fishing and fly tying! I am from Germany and can only fish for salmon and tout during my holidays. I chase pike and many other fish when salmon rivers are far. Like most of you, I spend long winters fly tying and hoping for...
  5. General Board
    A new study has been launched to see if there a link between fish farming and dwindling Atlantic salmon stocks. The Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST) has identified a number of "likely suspects" ahead of its research into the drop in numbers of the species in recent years. Among them is the impact of...
1-5 of 5 Results