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  1. English Rivers
    Hi, has anyone fished this stretch, and if so what was it like? Thanks.
  2. General Board
    How much stretch would you expect from the first 40 foot of a traditional braided core trout line ?
  3. General Board
    Does such a thing exist? Manufacturers make such a big deal about their ultra low stretch 6% heads and running lines these days, but then most of us stick a 10 foot elastic band on the end in the form of a polyleader :confused: I understand why a bit of stretch can be a good thing, but...
  4. Picture Gallery
    Does anybody recognise this stretch of river?
  5. General Board
    Anyone tried these new stretch waders from Scierra ?
  6. Spinning
    I fish a beautiful stretch of the river Tamar and get more then my fair share of fish on flying c’s. The stretch is very tree lined and even with a 9ft rod I have to be careful when playing fish as the branches above me are so low. My question is, I want to try fishing some flies on my spinning...
  7. Picture Gallery
    Had a day out on our wee river today checking out redd numbers. Most we found initially had no fish in attendance so job done there and a few carcasses and dying fish. More luck in the afternoon though and we found quite a few redds with fish in attendance. We hit the mother lode in one 25/30...
  8. English Rivers
    Has anybody fished the stretch on the river Rede West Woodburn .Northeast Fly casting club have a stretch there.
  9. Rookies Corner
    Can anybody tell me how much is the day ticket for the Gainford Tees stretch.I presume this is the church owned stretch or is it as i googled it a house called river cottage nearby came up they said to fish there stretch you needed a permit from the post office .:confused:
  10. General Board
    I went out for 'throw' yesterday and decided to use my Rio SSVT #8 it was its first outing this year so I decided to give it a gentle stretch, I gently stretched the first 3' and as I the second 3' much to my horror - Snap! the line broke in two. The line appears in good condition and was...
1-10 of 10 Results