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  1. General Board
    Only one fish caught on Tweed system,a few on the Dee and a few more on the mighty Tay. Clearly the weather appears to have taken its toll last week. From the warmth of a chair next to a coal fire in wet and miserable Lincolshire I am contemplating planning a few trips North of the Border as I...
  2. General Board
    Since the start of the season it seems to be one discussion after another on the state of the Salmon population in the UK. I've brought this question up before on here but does anyone do any other form of fishing?? I fish for Trout and Grayling, Pike Fish in the Winter,Coarse Fish (had a nice...
  3. General Board
    After a charge brought against them by sepa the contractors for the AWPR (Aberdeen bypass) has been fined 280,000 pounds for causing pollution to Dee and Don maybe other rivers and streams,and the money is going towards restoring and enhancing the rivers. Well done to sepa it is the biggest...
  4. General Board
    Most years fishing you kinda get better years and bad years when fishing sometimes you get fish when you least expect it there might as well throw them selves on the bank and then years when you couldn't buy a fish my point being fishing is really declining lots of club water that was really...
1-4 of 4 Results