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  1. General Board
    I’m after acquiring the above line . 460gr 30g. Just wondering is it suitable for the 12 ‘ cross s1 and will i need a tip with it or can i attach the leader straight to it
  2. Classified Sales
    Just purchased this line and found I already had one on a spare spool in the cupboard.:redface: Unfortunately I had already spooled it up but took it straight off and respooled. So there you are, £84 new for £54 posted. I'll put it down to stupidity.:lol: SOLD and paid for within 30...
  3. Classified Wanted
    Anyone have one of the above to sell which will fit a 13ft 7in Skyborn? Have used both Zpey HMSs and Skyborns with bent handles for some years but just want to try a straight handle to see if I can make it work!
  4. Classified Wanted
    Airflo appear to be sold out of their 30ft reels of 350 grain level tungsten (T.11 equivalent). They have stock of the heavier variants (500+). Does anybody have a spare pack of the 350 or 400g variety; or a supply of straight T.11 ? I need enough for a couple of 10-15 ft tips. Any...
  5. Classified Sales
    Selling the above rod due to new purchase. 13”1’ 30 gram Six piece Comes with bag and tube. It is fitted with a straight handle. Rod in top condition £375 posted Pics to follow
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Some photos from the garden tonight. Looks great here but it was a burger driving home from Aberdeen straight in to the sun! Cheers Mows
  7. Raf

    Off Topic Lounge
    Just watched the flypast from my back garden. There are some benefits from living in London. The first group came straight overhead. Those old fighter planes were tiny.
  8. General Board
    Its soon getting to the time of year when the Grilse runs are back, those great summer days, fishing the heads and Tails of Pools, throwing a hitch fly or Collie Dog across to see if anything has a go.... My favorite Grilse fly over the years has become an Ayrshireman (but I'm no expert), but...
  9. General Board
    Advice on forceps ..straight....curved.....lenght....reliable manufacturers..
  10. Fly Tying Topics
    Quite frankly, I don't know why we pay £8 or so per 10 for certain branded salmon hooks when you can get coarse/carp hooks for £1.20 posted! , these look the business: The branded ones (Korda Choddy) are about £4 per 10 and these unbranded are £2.39 per 20 posted !! :rockon: They also do a...
  11. Rods
    Looking for suggestions on the above. Med - fast action . Ferraris need not apply. Can be a 7/8 or a straight 8. 8/9s and heavier need not apply either. Thanks in advance.
  12. Picture Gallery
    With the season now over in Scotland and almost all of the rest of the UK, I wondered if members would be interested in a little light relief guessing the names of various spring fishing venues in order to null the pain at the thought that we shall be putting ourselves through it all again in...
  13. Classified Sales
    Selling my zpey hm signature classic 13'1 9 5 piece straight handle in great condition,only used a few times £210 posted SS
1-14 of 14 Results