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  1. Spinning
    What's your preference. I have loads of red and ruby weighted minnows All going at a very good price. Need to clear some stock so red and ruby they are. Other colours available but full price for them I'm afraid. Pm for details.
  2. Spinning
    As my website is closing at the end of the month I have loads and loads of excess stock to clear Wooden Devon's large ones a few colours Weighted Devon's metal a few colours Brand new dibro Devon's original colour and A few painted. Metal Devon's used and abused but still fishable and Cheap lose...
  3. Spinning
    I have a load of stock to clear so to give all forum members a chance at a bargain.this will be available until all stock is depleted. You pic the size and whether floating or sinking I will let you know colours available Pricing is easy £1 a Minnow 50p a mount Postage £3. I also have a supply...
  4. General Board
    I've read a lot of negative posts over the years about manufacturers "lifetime" rod warranties so I am pleased to tell a good story. Last week I broke my favourite stillwater rod, a Greys Mk1 Streamflex 10 5wt which I have had for about 13 years (unlucky?). It was a result of my own clumsiness...
  5. General Board
    I just heard disturbing news concerning my local river where I grew up, and started my salmon fishing, River Urr. Next year the Dalbeattie stretch celebrates its 100 years. But. Due to more restrictions, C/R, and dwindling stock , many locals are not renewing their licence. It is now big...
  6. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    This time on a hook #1.5, definitely spey type hook was not the best choice for this pattern, but didn't have any better in my humble stock.
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Am looking for moth balls tying den. Local fishing shop used to stock them but no longer adverbial. Thanks. Bob.
  8. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    On hook #1. I don't have black heron at the moment so hackle is just cook, the longest as I could find in my stock but still too short. Also more distinct white wing tips would make no harm to this fly.
  9. General Board
    I ordered a rod from the above via their website yesterday. This morning I get a phone message saying its not stock and will take 7 to 10 days to get. Ok it was a sale item but why have it advertised on their site and let me order it and take my money if they haven't got one in stock? I wouldn't...
  10. Reels
    Which Orvis is the better reel-Battenkill Large Arbour (BLA) or(BBS)-Battenkill Bar stock ??
  11. General Board
    Carron Rod & Case Company Limited. I have only just learned that Carron were dissolved in August 2015. Their lines are still widely available thankfully, but I wonder are they still being made or is there only a quantity of dwindling old stock. I did a search for a thread re. this on the forum...
  12. General Board
    Anyone know a good site that has a vast stock of materials looking to stock up on materials and everything I’m looking seems to be on different sites bit of a torture paying postage on 1 or 2 items , and looking through the internet to find them ,
  13. Welsh Rivers
    A Challenge to NRW/EA/CEFAS Stock Assessments - Support Needed! A group of us in North Wales have been working closely with the NWATFCC (North West Angling Trust Fisheries Consultative Committee) in order to challenge NRW's Stock Assessment and Reporting and resulting river classifications...
  14. Fly Tying Topics
    I have long been a fan of the salar doubles for tying and fishing, but my stock is running low what do forum members think is the best replacement for them on the market now. Alternatively if anyone has a stock of genuine Salars they no longer want do please pm me. Tying season is on us again...
  15. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Time to stock up the boxes for spring
  16. Other Tackle
    Responded to an advert by this company for some braid, after 3 days they responded with an email saying out of stock. 3 days after this email they are still advertising the braid as in stock. If you ever order from these people a phone call may be in order to check their availability. I suspect...
  17. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    More beavers to be released into wild in Argyll - BBC News What on earth is wrong with people? Beavers and wolves in Scotland? Millions received to drain land which will soon revert to what it was before? Crofters and Hill Farmers needing 24hour watch and a rifle to protect their stock...
  18. Classified Sales
    Having a clear out so grab a bargain colours a seen 2.5" and 3" few other sizes all floaters ONLY £1 each postage at cost if you want mounts I have a small stock at 50p each. £6 for 3 with mounts and postage
  19. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Open this link for a concise summary of the stock situation in Norway. NG
1-20 of 21 Results