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  1. Scottish Rivers
    I have never even seen the Stinchar, but spoke to some anglers once who helped out at the hatchery. In simple terms, has the hatchery proved its worth - has the river done noticeably better than comparable rivers nearby without one? Just wondered. Thanks
  2. Picture Gallery
    Had a day out on Knockdolian yesterday for the first time. Never got started until 10am due to poor communication between the estate office and the ghillie:(. The beat I ended up with had only 3 pools of which only one was easily accessible. The others involved climbing through bushes etc just...
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Thses rivercams should be very useful for those fishing on the Stinchar & Girvan, Doon will be next. Not much to see at this time of day but there is a good view of the river height & water colour...
1-3 of 3 Results