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  1. Fishing Videos
    Sometimes it pays to try the path less well travelled ? Enjoy and stay safe!
  2. Fishing Videos
    In these strange times we often look and think back of better times, and for many of us these are the times spent by the river. Here's one I remember well, a big old 'croc' that had been in the river a while, becoming quite feisty and cantankerous! Enjoy and stay safe everyone :)!
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    I'm not really one for social media nor partaking in daft challenges...however...this one was brought to my attention and was originated to highlight the current " Stay at Home " or more appropriately '"Sit at Vice" to help the NHS and to beat this horrible bast**ding Covid19 So, I couldn't...
  4. General Board
    Hi All, In these relaxed times I have like everybody else a lot of spare time.Looking through old boxes I have come across some old favoured lures which have broken bibs. Does anyone out there know if these can be replaced and where do I get them from. Stay safe everyone
  5. General Board
    Information on the river Findhorn Association Water, please support this, lets not nit pick on the detail, the message is clear. Thanks guys! "Due to the situation with Covid-19 the committee of the FAA felt that we need to take some action to protect our members and the general public from the...
  6. River Spey
    Hi all, we are going to spend our summer vacation in lovely Scotland and will stay the first week near Glenfeshie / Aviemore. I also intend to spend 2-3 days fishing the spey. Some questions though: - Is it recommended for visitors to book licenses through fishpal or can I get them in local...
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi Admin, Can you please confirm that the surreptitious advertising (that looks like a new thread) is now here to stay? Not great if so (it's a little intrusive) but just so we know where we are. Thanks, Oscar.
  8. General Board
    So, where to go? Planning a trip last week of April or first week of May but can’t decide where would be best? And by ‘best’ I mean beautiful, friendly, good fly water, nice place to stay...and a fish would be nice too. Not asking too much I hope. UK ideally. Any tips, guidance, knowledge would...
1-8 of 8 Results