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  1. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Small flies tied with hope, that the summer season won't be lost as the spring one.
  2. General Board
    What size of salmon fly is best for spring fishing and summer
  3. General Board
    Hello, does anyone know the name of good salmon flies or what makes a good spring fly.
  4. Shrimp Fly Patterns
  5. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    A few monkeys on blind eye hooks ready for the spring, not great but good enough for me.
  6. North American Fly Patterns
    Another Chartreuse one.......ready for Spring!
  7. Classified Sales
    44g guideline per taper head tried once on a test casting. F/H/S2 perfect line with spring fishing around the corner. £35 posted UK SOLD, thanks to buyer Thanks Conehead
  8. Vision
    Hi, I have the above rod and I am note sure what line to put on it. My other rods a 12 and 14 I have teamed with a Rio afs outbound and love them. I got the 15 10wt as I wanted somthing with a bit more power to cast heavier flies and tips in spring and autumn. Any clues I have looks at the...
  9. Patterns for other species
    This winter I will be sorting out my salty sea trout, ready to put in a bit more effort targeting them here in the UK come spring Vaskebjornen Various flavours of Magnus Small deceiver The sandstorm, with eyes
  10. General Board
    Well,yesterday during my grand day out Ribble side I managed to pick some fine grit up in my Angel 9/10 Mk2.Now it was't a problem, but it irritated me some what and I hate life's little avoidable irritations as they can rankle the 'ell out of me and spoil my stride!. Now I never put my reels...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Messed around with an old camera this spring. Just developed and scanned the negs. Montana spring. More coming...
  12. Picture Gallery
    A long drive and an even longer walk. I've been scratched, tripped and laid out on my back today. All totally worth it for my second spring fish of the year. An absolute beauty taken less than a mile from the salt. Chuffed!
  13. General Board
    Sorry if the question has been asked before but has it ever been definitively proven that spring fish breed spring fish?
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Spring is in full flow just now. The Trillium is an interesting plant with only 3 leaves. Its only found in North America. Theres carvings of a Trillium plant in Rosslyn chapel from the mid 15th century. Well before Christopher Columbus started exporting his viruses to North America.
  15. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Got myself a new SDB American hen saddle so thought I’d add to the spring collection. Wife trying to help me present them better! ?
  16. General Board
    This was one of the thoughts when [email protected] was first brought in to save the spring stock. No fished to be killed before 1st April. The thinking on this was thoughts that springer spawned with springer. Well from a grilse being caught and tagged on the Dee, in August, then the same fish caught as a...
  17. Classified Sales
    Line has only been used a couple of times. Only selling as I needed the next line weight up. I have found the lines excellent for Spring fishing and cast very well. Looking for £35 posted (PayPal gift please). LINE IS NOW SOLD.
  18. General Board
    This will be my first season fishing in Spring and I have a day at Murthly coming up. I was wondering if anyone has tips for Tay salmon in spring. I prefer fly fishing so my plan is to take a fast sink tip with 3-0, 1 and 4 sized akroyds and yellow&black/willie gunn tube flies. Is this far...
  19. General Board
    I am over 50 and I do not remember a earlier start to Spring. I now live on the hills above Edinburgh and found frogs spawning today. By the amount of spawn there they must have started in February. Now I know last year was the complete opposite but we must be several weeks earlier than normal...
  20. General Board
    I cant seem to find much information of the River Lyon and if it is worthwhile fishing in spring time. Can anyone shed any light on it please? Thanks FS
1-20 of 81 Results