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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    It is with regret that I learned yesterday of the death of our fellow member Morse who departed this world last Monday. I met Gordon on a few occasions on the River Spey and always found him there as I did here on the forum, a kindly, modest gentleman, giving with good advice, who loved his...
  2. Sea Trout Fishing
    A bit of sport before the light went tonight
  3. General Board
    Seeing that the wet season has resumed in these parts are the salmon running in numbers giving any decent sport about
  4. General Board
    To Fish and Fly After recent events regarding Chris Packham and the issues surrounding Natural England revoking licence GL05I, I see various petitions on Social Media addressing this and many many more people calling out the various organisations who promote and protect sporting shooting &...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    This is sport is it??? They want stringing up!!!!!!:mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2: Moment herd turn on cowardly hunters after they gun down bull elephant
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Superficially this may only be of interest to supporters of the four English clubs involved but for football lovers in general, it may be of interest. Group Stage draw later today on BT Sport. Don’t really care who Liverpool get as we fear no-one! :lol:
  7. General Board
    Not much to kill salmon angling chances faster than an easterly wind at this time of the year. I really dislike it at any time, but it seems worse in Spring. Cold easterly winds, no thanks. It kills sport almost as bad as the "leaden light" or an excessive sunny weather heat wave warming the...
  8. General Board
    I have been salmon fishing since I could hold a rod, but around the mid 2000s the commercial side of the sport really started to change, fishing brands such as simms and patagonia making every effort to design trendy waders and jackets, rod and reel makers steering away from functionality and...
  9. General Board
    Next Week Salmon Fishing Prospects There are still several productive rivers open for business across Scotland in the next few weeks, so there are still plenty of opportunities for anglers to enjoy some late season sport. It is always good to get the rod bent one last time... Scotland's first...
1-9 of 9 Results