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  1. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi shooting head, salmon orange colour, 42gram, 640grain, 11#, the line is in vg condition, spooled and in original box. £25.00 posted Line now SOLD, thanks for looking
  2. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi shooting head 640gr/42gram , salmon orange vg condition , spooled and in original box. Rio Grip Shooter Shooting-line , yellow/orange 50lb vg condition. Spooled and in original box. SOLD These lines have been on a spare spool, I can only recall using them a three or four times ...
  3. Classified Sales
    RIO InTouch 3D Single Handed Spey Fly Line (F/H/I) 6weight Brand New spooled onto a reel and never casted! t's the new version (F/H/I) cannot find box or spool but will be spooled onto a line spool etc. £ 50 posted Line Now Sold
  4. Classified Sales
    Spey adapt switch line 440gr. Willow/peach .test cast only a bit light for my rod Spooled in original box. SOLD thank s
  5. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce ESSS 9/10 33grams,508 grains 33ft/10.5m for sale.Used for 2 hours then re spooled and back in box. £50+£4 p/p. Alex
  6. Classified Sales
    Original Henrik Mortensen Zpey heads 1. Floating new 34grams spooled up but not on original Pack/spool. 2. Sink 2 or 3 34grams looks brand new also spooled up Got these with a Zpey rod I bought recently I don't use these heads only Gaelforce. Let me know if anyone is interested...
  7. Classified Sales
    As new Barrio Switch line in 7-8 weight, line was spooled on test cast and spooled off as didn't suit my rod. £30 posted.
  8. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi Versi tip #9 at 37.9 gm been spooled only and stretched bought earlier this year never used main line only Versi 15 ft tips and wallet were passed on to a fellow member . £36.00 ono in box and spool Also have 2 in touch replacement tips #9 at 10Ft inter at 1.5-2ips 95gr and S3 at...
  9. Classified Sales
    As above in very good condition the line is 10/11 weight and floating version. no box but will be cleaned spooled and posted in Mainland UK £23.00 Any questions please contact me. First PM gets it
  10. Classified Sales
    RIO A.F.S.10/11 wt 42 gram floating head in very good used condition spooled but no box £25 posted.
  11. Classified Sales
    I have the above line for sale. It has been used twice and sadly I'm not going to get another chance to use it. Spooled and boxed. RRP £75 Price: £42 posted. Please PM if you are interested.
  12. Swap Shop
    Mackenzie 10/11 headline head with green integrated running line. I have removed small back loop and fitted braided loop to attach backing Not keen on the small loops Will come spooled on plain spool Only used 4/5 times Swap for 9/10 10/11 Spey line float.first choice m evans Will...
1-13 of 15 Results