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  1. General Board
    Just wondering for those who make own lires, id like to order coloured blades but they seen hard to find and a lot more expensive, do people oaint them? If so what sort of paint? Also for mepps style spinner bodies what do you use? I was thinking of ordering fluro glass beads?
  2. Classified Sales
    Having a spinner clear out. 26 mostly unused spinner and lures. 12 x rolla silver bullet 3 x flying c 1 x Toby Sweden original 20g zebra in box 6x wooden Devon and mounts 1x floating rapala 3x countdown rapala The whole lot posted in UK for £75.
  3. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    First fish of the Drowse today,about 10lb,got on spinner and released.:thumb:
  4. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Rapalas & a few other Spinners; some are new & some have had very little use: 9 x Rapalas 1 x Rapala Spinner Lure 1 x Shapeshifter Minnow 5 x Toby Type Lures £32 Delivered Now SOLD, Many Thanks, :)
  5. Salt Water Fishing
    Session to remember tonight. Went out in search of Bass in the hope of finally getting one on a spinner - almost impossible on the coast I live on! Walked out to a local mark and started off two hours before HW with worm to scratch around for the odd flatty or Bass...the Bass tend to turn up...
  6. Spinning
    Iv been thinking about fly fishing without a fly rod recently. I'm still getting the hang of casting and my local river has a prevailing wind that makes casting a nightmare. Iv made this using some diy flying c parts. I thought the Francis made a similar shape to this teardrop weight so here it...
  7. Fishing Videos
    Greeting folks! This my new video about, the first fishing in this year at pike with spinner baits in Georgia, Tbilisi. The fish was passive, but we managed to catch a couple.
  8. General Board
    I was wondering why so many people use fire tiger spinners, as I haven't got a clue to what they imitate or why fish like them so much, if anyone has got any knowledge or experience with the colour, your expertise would be appreciated
1-8 of 8 Results