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  1. Rookies Corner
    Hey guys, although I’d love to one day, I’ve never fished for salmon in the UK , only experience heretofore being in upstate NY. Dominant species are primarily the transplanted King Salmon, also Cohos and a few Atlantic’s (very few). What species are found in the UK is my question? Thanks, David
  2. General Board
    Media Release Communications Office Queen's University Belfast Belfast BT7 1NN Northern Ireland Tel 028 9097 3091 Marketing, Recruitment, Communications and Internationalisation | Queen's University Belfast For immediate release 23 September 2019 Brown Trout genome sequencing a...
  3. News & Features
    Beavers to become protected species in Scotland - BBC News
  4. General Board
    Beavers to become protected species in Scotland It was always likely to end up going this way. Yet another example of the urban centre not understanding the countryside.
  5. General Board
    Can anyone help refer me to any formal or informal reports about changes to salmonid abundance/ catches ( both migratory species ) following the easing of this obstruction. I can't raise anyone at the EFB as it's an academic question rather than one of fishing. Grateful for any help, thanks...
  6. General Board
    Just read a fairly comprehensive and fair (which is unusual these days) report on the current state of Climate Change and how it affects ocean currents and more importantly its future implications. These changes will not happen overnight and there will be remissions and cooling periods but...
  7. General Board
    After the influx of non-native pink salmon a new genetics study has started in Scotland. Using the latest technology and with the help of Inverness College (University of Highlands & Islands) Rivers and Lochs Institute Professor E. Verspoor is hoping to get a handle on the possible threats and...
  8. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Might be interesting to know how low rivers heat temp etc. effect Salmon, Trout species, bugs..... Antoin is my Nephew his studying for his Phd in New Brunswick: Antoin O'Sullivan - River Levels - CBC Player
  9. General Board
    .....and i thought im not enjoying my salmon fishing anymore., disregarding theorys on whats happening to our rivers and what i see with my own eyes i cant justify spending hours up to my balls for next to no result ive had 6 or 7 fish in the last 2 weeks which many would say is good going but...
  10. General Board
    A wee read for you As we have recently been notified of plans to increase the size of cages at the Scottish Salmon Company facility at Lamlash, we are ever increasingly disturbed by the results of research surrouding the aquaculture industry. Here's a link below that identified lice treatments...
1-10 of 10 Results