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  1. General Board
    We all love to see footage of salmon spawning, amateur or professional. Have you ever noticed that these are usually modest sized fish, occasionally twenty plus. No doubt these are the most accessible to film in the shallow water of headwaters or feeder streams. What about bigger fish, thirty or...
  2. General Board
    I wonder what damage has been done to some of the spawning grounds on some of the rivers that have been raging
  3. European Rivers
    Just to have it started ;-) No significant snowdepth yet, but it has been rather cold for a couple of weeks. Should give a few feet of frost in the ground, which is good for both animals and the snowcover when the snow arrives. Nearly all long time forecasts tell of an unusually mild winter...
  4. General Board
    I hooked and landed a spanking clean run grilse on the last day of October which I put back , I was wondering how long in the river it would take for it to be in spawning condition ?
  5. Picture Gallery
    Wading towards the end of the season now, water almost summer level, the wind getting up a fair blast and the leaves, following a sharp frost the other morning, were creating a form of consomme in the streams and shrunken pools. Time to look aboot ye, as the say in the Kingdom.:) First up a hen...
  6. General Board
    Interesting segment on Salmon spawning in the Ness on Winterwatch. BBC 2. No doubt available on catch up.
  7. General Board
    I have a fascination of looking at google maps and following the blue lines of burns to see where they start and end up, before google i would also do this with o.s maps and would often go in the car and look at some of the burns and would some times see fish spawning or see fry and parr. Is...
  8. General Board
    Now it could be me, but just an observation in that certainly this year and I am of the opinion of the past 2 years as well when Salar does enter our rivers,they aren't for stopping or loitering any more, rather than getting a move on straight for the head waters/spawning areas. Seems to be more...
  9. General Board
    Winter in Yorkshire bit of salmon spawning :cool::cool:
  10. General Board
    Most years fishing you kinda get better years and bad years when fishing sometimes you get fish when you least expect it there might as well throw them selves on the bank and then years when you couldn't buy a fish my point being fishing is really declining lots of club water that was really...
  11. General Board
    'First film' of invasive salmon spawning in UK waters - BBC News
  12. General Board
    Just seen this. 'First film' of invasive salmon spawning in UK waters - BBC News
1-12 of 13 Results