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  1. General Board
    Ive a pair of guideline boots with felt soles and put studs in them. I hate the sound of metal on rock/gravel and cant imaging this is doing anything for the fish either. Want to change to rubber grip soles - anyone know if this is wise / doable?
  2. Classified Sales
    Hi folks,for sale above, Soles Only--boots now finished & dumped. 1 x pair Studded Rubber Soles--------Still Boxed-----unused--Boxed 1 x pair Felt-Studded Soles -----------packet----------unused 1x pair Rubber-Lug Trail Soles--------------------------unused Any reasonable offers ? Victor Wallace...
  3. General Board
    I have just bought supa track best grip studs and i am away to put on to both pairs of wading boots . I have never bothered with studs before but had enough falling on my **** with the simms felt on the bank and only had the vision on a couple of times but they definitely need studs . Not...
  4. General Board
    Time to replace the felt soles on my wading boots! I see Snowbee do a replacement kit (felt soles & glue) for £30 Anyone used this kit and is it worth it? Any other kits worth considering, appreciate any tips and feedback! Cheers Bobby
  5. General Board
    Anyone got any experience of replacing the felt soles on Simms G3 wading boots. I have successfully replaced soles on other boots, but they were fairly flat and simple. G3's are quite shaped and curve up at the toes. I was wondering if this causes any problems and if anyone has any tips to...
  6. Classified Sales
    As per title, pair of hardly used Snowbee wading boots, rubber heels, felt soles. No studs fitted. £45 plus postage at cost, or collect from North London or Hants. Avon area. If paired up with advertised Snowbee neoprene chest waders £90 the pair plus postage at cost.
  7. Rookies Corner
    Just wondering what everybody's preference is for wading boot soles? Felt, rubber, versi grip not sure what to get.:batty:
  8. General Board
    The felt soles have become detached from my Vision Hopper, stitching is shot. (4 months old, another failure of the overpriced **** that abounds in this sport!). Tried gorilla glue, no good, lasted 2 trips, any other advice or options for sticking them? Have bought replacements but they may be...
  9. Boots
    I've some wading boots that just need the felt soles replacing.Any one know where I can get simply just the felt soles them selves to cut and fit as a DIY job.Some of the kits/set's are very expensive!. Pedro.
  10. Classified Sales
    Worn but have plenty of wear left in them Felt soles with studs, new laces! Size 11 £25!
  11. General Board
    I was prompted to post this following the Aquasure thread where Piker mentioned glueing trainer soles with it. I wouldn't doubt it would do a job,but you would need a lot and that's expensive. I have a pair of very good Meindl boots,a few years old now. The boots are perfect,the vibram soles...
  12. Classified Sales
    I have freestone wasing boots in good condition very tough boots with rubber vibram soles and tungsten studs.£ 50
  13. Clothing
    My current lightweight boots have their felt soles peeling away from the sole itself.Its currently only the retro fitted studs holding them on. Now there's no great rush or urgency here but a winter project will be re-placing those soles.As I've been a rubber and studs sole user for quite some...
  14. Boots
    Korkers omnitrax replacement soles, who sells them?
1-14 of 14 Results