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  1. Rods
    As I ponder my fishing in the future when ever that is, my mind is thinking towards a 7wt double handed rod. I used to have a sage one 7136 which is a lovely rod but I sold it to help fund a light 9wt rod for a trip to Norway which is now not happening. I also had a 6pc loop cross S1 which is a...
  2. General Board
    Is the Doonfoot fishing now completely closed to anglers. Has DC stopped leasing it to rods. I was told that he has also sold the bothy...…….... Also is the Skeldon Estate water now also been taken off the availability for day tickets.
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Could I be right here in saying this is why my post has been taken down?? We prefer it if you list 1 item per post with a max of 5 items per month/30 day period (except for small bulk items like fly tying materials).We will remove the post if more than 1 item and its not being sold as 1 lot. We...
  4. Classified Sales
    Due to last minute change of plans I won’t be able to manage my booking. I paid £25 for the rod, looking for my money back or sensible offers. This day is currently sold out, really good chance of an early fish. Please PM with any interest. Thanks David
  5. Classified Sales
    Line now sold thank you
  6. General Board
    Anyone wanting any flies will find these and others being sold on Youtube at present
  7. Classified Sales
    Price cut to help you welcome the spring! Hi all, A very good rod and a set of matching lines and heads... Loop Cross 15-foot, 10 weight, four piece with sleeve and original tube. Very good condition, used for, sadly, only two weeks. A big gun for a big safari. I struggle to wade the kind of...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    £848000!! A car, a fishing beat?? Nop! A bottle of Macallan 1926, sold this morning at Bonhams Auctions in Edinburgh! Could the «lucky» buyer be a member of the SFF congregation? Pollowick, ibm59 ?? now is the time to confess!:nod::nod: Bonhams : Whisky Sale
  9. General Board
    There is a bobbin holder in the sales section of the forum, I do not have the required permission to reply to that post ????? Can somebody tell me why ? I'm only here since 2012 and only...
  10. General Board
    Recently I sold a rod listed by me on the Forum (classified sales members) but I canot enter to reply myself indicating that it was sold. I also have other items announced but can not enter any of them if I need reply or edit. Someone knows the reason, please?. Thanks in advance.
  11. General Board
    When these first came out they were seen as another leap forward in the salmon fishers armoury. I like others bought one (Guideline TD) and after a half day on the Tay with it found it no better than a hover/sink tip equivalent and promptly sold it on. The finish wasn't anywhere as smooth as...
  12. Classified Sales
    Thanks for the enquiries Both items now SOLD,
  13. Classified Sales
    Hi, I have a pair of Simms freestone UK size 9 felt sole for sale . I got them last week in the sale because the g3 had run out but I have managed to find some at sale price so the freestones are going to be returned or sold to a forum member . I will be returning them on Monday 15th if not...
  14. Angling Literature Section
    Trout & Salmon Bruce and Walker Visit I hope I am not alone in enjoying the visit to the Bruce & Walker factory in the latest edition. Both my first Carbon single and double handed rods were Brucie Walker. I had subsequent D/H's from the Cambs Massive, but sold the last of them circa 2000...
  15. Reels
    Hi folks, Notice GAC is selling off the black tanks for £100. Is there a reason they are not popular or being sold off? Are they too heavy for most rods or does the weight help bottom hand casting?
  16. Classified Wanted
    looking for the above reel in bronze colour ,sold mine now wishing I had not
  17. Classified Sales
    I bought this line last year for a Sage rod i bought off the forum, i only used it a couple of times as i did not like the sage rod which i have since sold. It was £90 this line so i am trying for £60 posted. Thank you.
  18. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got a few of these on 10's they'd sell me?! I thought I'd found a supplier over the weekend, after looking for weeks. Placed the order online, paid and was waiting for them arrive today...... Well.......the company just called to tell me that apparently they sold the last of them on...
  19. Classified Wanted
    Guys looking for a good quality brown cape. Lakeland and everywhere else is sold out!
1-19 of 20 Results