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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Looking for help on this. Could someone recommend a hackle type that Frodin uses in his samurai patterns please? Am I right in thinking it is a soft hen saddle is what he uses in the front?
  2. Classified Sales
    Scandinavian fly kit, all you need to do is add the fox hair of you choice and there enough material to tie hundreds of scandi tubes. These are the best capes on the market from future fly and keough the ones frodin uses himself. The price is £ 300 for the materials , if your starting tying...
  3. Northern European Style Patterns
    2 shameless attempts to scale down Rotenone's Scandi creations: Fox wing Sierra Korva variants tied with a cone body & soft grizzle Hackle. Very loose Banana variants, with a Black Zonker wing and olive/ dirty yellow soft Hackle tied on cone head bodies.
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Has anyone used these hackles, if so what are they like ?
  5. Spinning
    Was thinking about getting a Grays Gr70 15/50 spinning rod,anyone fishing this model.I had a greys travel rod 15/45 and found it a bit soft when playing bigger fish.Any help would be appreciated.Cheers John.
  6. General Board
    Can you imagine if this would have happened in the USA or France???� We in the UK just sit back and think whats on Netflix tonight!
  7. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    This was meant to be a Gold Bug with a brown front hackle but didn't really like the brown hackles I have. I was never going to use it so took the brown hackle off and used a nice soft claret hackle instead.
  8. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a couple of above thanks
  9. Classified Sales
    Orvis troutbum soft shell carbon grey size large. (Im a large simms if thats any help) I think ive worn this twice to the office. As new £SOLD posted
  10. General Board
    I am a fan of brass and copper mini-tubes and catch probably half my fish on them. I was running out of silicone tube for the knot to hook, down to my last couple of inches, and was struggling to find a supply. My original I had so many years I couldn't remember when or where I got it. I found...
  11. Fly Tying Topics
    Always amazing to see the wide variety or new salmon patterns , I love fly tying myself especially salmon flies and have spent many an hour dyeing materials to match the in form colors like banana yellow, ruby claret etc. and tying on tiny double and trebles with full dressing or parks and...
  12. Classified Wanted
    looking for some guideline soft spools for holding shooting heads :)
  13. Rookies Corner
    Has anyone had any experience of using soft plastic lures and jig heads for salmon
  14. Other Tackle
    Like many on here I sometimes used Seaguar fluorocarbon for hand tied tapered leaders. It's inclined to be brittle and of course it can be difficult to bed-down knots, especially in the larger diameters. I hear tell of softer Fluorocarbon line being available these days, which should be less...
1-14 of 14 Results