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  1. General Board
    I've seen a few a few references on the forum about wearing socks over neoprene wader booties to protect them, can anyone explain this to me? I would think most socks would be so thin after being stretched over a wader bootie that it won't help much. We have a lot of gritty sand in our rivers...
  2. General Board
    I have just acquired a pair of bootfoot chest waders, and was wondering which socks would be best suited to wear with them, I would prefer a long sock, does anyone wear the shooting socks that John Norris sells.? any advice welcome thanks in advance. Brian.
  3. General Board
    Heading down to Gallegos in January on. DIY mission.. Although its there summer am i better still packing the under armour ? Can i also get some recommendations for socks for down there ? What is the best scarf/ buff to cover my face in the winds What colour of Polaroids are most commonly...
  4. Classified Sales
    Just a test I can sell after the latest hullabaloo about sales
  5. General Board
    Wader and boots dillema Had a pair of Simms freestone waders size medium, which had size 7-9 socks and freestone boots size 10 to match. Like this Men's Simms Freestone Tan Leather Felt Botton Fly Fishing Wading Boots - 7 US | eBay Very pleased with the combination and the performance of...
  6. Fishing Clothing
    Need warm socks to go under my stockingfoot waders. My feet have been freezing this last few trips when wading, poor circulation doesn't help mattters. Anyone recommend a nice warm sock to help out when wading in cold water. Ps can't be too thick as it needs to go inside my stockingfoot waders...
  7. General Board
    Looking for a recommendation on good thermal socks that actually keep your feet warm heading too the dee next week but wanting my toes too fall off
1-7 of 7 Results