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  1. The Art of Casting
    I am being especially thick this morning but does this clip show a Snap T or a double spey ? If its a double spey I have been doing the initial sweep upstream wrong for years - which is quite probable. Thanks...
  2. Sea Trout Fishing
    This was certainly a "fish of a thousand casts"... Not huge but most welcome, returned after a quick snap as they are getting rare round my way
  3. General Board
    Going to get some for fishing the dry flee up on the hill lochs. Any recommendations best one to go for have heard some are very brittle snap easily due to them being so thin.
  4. The Art of Casting
    Just wondering if anyone has tried/is aware of a sort of downstream snap T cast for use in a downstream wind? I was practicing last week and it seemed to work and was easier than a spiral/snake (at least for me!) Basically it goes like this: Rod and line downstream of you as per normal starting...
  5. Rookies Corner
    Hi just wondering does anybody use these snap hooks. Mustad Snap Hooks Quick Change Coarse Game Fly Fishing Trout Salmon Pike Flies 50 Size 1 | eBay wondering, because as the light starts to fail so does my eyes:) it would save me a lot of frustration.The air would not be as Blue:o Mick
  6. Picture Gallery
    Well with all the lack of sparkling silver salmon pics I decided to upload these snap shots instead. Taken very recently, can anyone work out which Scottish island it is??:D .....and before anyone asks, its the same island in all pics, taken as I was passing East abeam.
1-6 of 6 Results