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  1. Patterns for other species
    Bit of an epic tying these.....? I see these sometimes referred to as " snake flies", but to my mind they are nothing like a snake fly, so tandem zonker it is. Never tried these personally, but heard they can be very good...we'll see
  2. Fly Tying Topics
    On the few occasions that I use Sunrays I am for ever fretting that the wing has caught up in the bend of the hook. Has anybody tried Snake Flies as used on reservoirs for fry feeding trout. Zonker strips come in all styles and colours and you can add booby cord to the head to make a wake fly.
  3. Casting Videos
    Explained by Jon Spey Casting With Jon | Don't be Afraid of the Snake Roll - YouTube
  4. Sea Trout Fishing
    The 3 amigos and I had one of our periodic nights on the North Esk after the ST's last night. Didn't start well with day rods thinking they could fish on until 10pm:rolleyes: That and bright sunshine until very late and kayaks going through at last light. Never the less, as dusk settled it...
1-4 of 4 Results