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  1. General Board
    This piece of branch appeared over the winter in my river. It is no size at all and might be 2 inches thick at its thickest point. I had a sit down by the river yesterday evening and could not believe the amount of juvenile fish life under this one small branch. A whole variety of sizes from...
  2. Classified Sales
    For sale £150 posted. Very light use, older model G4. Too small for me. NOW SOLD
  3. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Small flies tied with hope, that the summer season won't be lost as the spring one.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    I have a small wall in my garden with fence on top of it. where the breeze blocks have been cemented together their is now, white gunk seaping out and the brick that been painted brown, has horrible white stains runnung down. I tried blast it off with pressure washer, but it still their. BThe...
  5. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Had a small play today.
  6. General Board
    Sitting out the lockdown here in Newfoundland, Canada I’ve had lots of time to read and reread some of my many salmon fishing books. After reading the interesting parts of “Fisherman’s Pie”, mainly the contributions from A.H.E. Wood and Ernest Crosfield, I’ve started in on “Fishing the Floating...
  7. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    These are on hooks #10.
  8. Classified Sales
    Chance to get a few of these lures and have them painted to your own design. Limited quantities left so be quick £4 each and I have a small number of mounts to fit at 1.00 each. Postage at cost. A few samples already done.
  9. Step by Step
    Hi All, Here's a quick SBS for the sparkly junction piggy - this is smaller than the one I tied earlier. Forgive the 'one picture for everything' - SFF isn't the best upload tool - so I snipped onto a single powerpoint slide and then converted to jpg. You can use free swing - or you could add...
  10. General Board
    Is it possible to buy a 24 inch hinged gye net. i much prefare the belt clip that attaches to the d ring on my jacket rather than the sling but anything i see is 20 inchs which is to small.
  11. Northern European Style Patterns
    Taking my que from Andrzej and his color combinations I spotted recently I've made these 2 and will refine the look with a few more. Tied on Pro Sportfisher micro tubes with a short clear hook holder behind, only the small cone as weight.
  12. Classified Sales
    Hardy Gem 11/12 reel in excellent condition apart from very light rash in one small section £170 posted U.K.
  13. General Board
    The Solway Firth haaf netters fighting to save a fishing tradition. "Please save us, we're desperate for protection. "We're unique, we're only 30 people. Give us a small quota so that we can continue." I wonder what they consider 'a small quota' and if them, why not others elsewhere!
  14. Patterns for other species
    Asked for a few flies for trout I wasn't expecting the answer to be 125 and all in small sizes! Having spent so much time trying to hone my salmon flies last year I'd almost forgotten how awkward these wee ones can be - especially as I like to avoid dropping materials purely because of fly...
  15. General Board
    Looking into buying a switch rod for next season and was looking for recommendations for a full setup Inc reel, lines etc with a realistic budget nothing over the top (£600 max). Will be used on small Irish spate rivers in all conditions when suits, would prefer to buy one reel and load it...
  16. Classified Sales
    For Sale Brand new in box Loop Opti 110 Day Fly Box. Very nice small fly box with Loop lanyard. £25 posted UK please
  17. General Board
    After having a rethink on rods I had I decided to add a small 12’ rod to my armoury. I have a couple of switch rods for lighter work but felt I needed a 12’ for the smaller rivers I see my self fishing now and in the future. As my bank account wouldn’t stretch to a high end Sage or loop etc...
  18. General Board
    Here we long is a piece of string? Is hook size any measure? Eminent posters such as Loxie talk about using 16s, 18s, even 20s. Other posters say changing from a 14s to a 16s made all the difference and they caught fish. What is the difference between a 16s and an 18s size wise. My...
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Our local paper has just reported on the teign estuary has had gangs of about 20 people arriving at night and removing buckets of mussels and cockles . We can have a guess who these people are. They are also reported to have taken a lot of small bass. It must be only a matter of time before they...
  20. Trout Fishing
    Another brownie about 1 1/2 lb and decent hatch of took a small sedge just as sun disappeared
1-20 of 87 Results