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  1. Classified Wanted
    Anyone got one of these lines they're not using. Should have bought the Bullet in, but too slow off the mark thinking about it. Hindsight!! Sorted, Thanks for replies.
  2. Patterns for other species
    Tied these up for the fry chasers at Wimbleball lake. One with the eyes below the hook and one with the eyes above. Fished slow off a floating line .
  3. General Board
    anybody else having problems with the forum running so slow takes around 15 seconds for the pages to load, i thought admin had this problem solved would burst you all other sites i visit are rapid as i very good wifi
  4. Lines
    Can anyone recommend a Spey line 55 ft with slow sink tip please Kind regards O.r.s
  5. Rookies Corner
    Looking for a bit of advice on targeting slow moving pools on the fly. Is this something better done with a single hander and fished like you would a still water for stockies? Sorry if it's a bit silly just unsure how to fish them as the currents not really moving your fly and i can't really...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hello. Has anyone noticed a slow response when clicking on different links to posts on this forum. I have used Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge and they are all slow to respond! Also Firefox flagged up something about an invalid security certificate. c-h
  7. General Board
    Anyone else thinking that it's a really slow start to the season this year! Usually Loch Tay produces fish every other day, junction, park, all very quiet and only a few fish from the whole Dee system!
  8. Picture Gallery
    Maybe this will slow Bann Special up a bit
  9. Faults & Cures
    I am using a shakespeare switch rod 8/9 with a Barrio switch fly line mostly i have been using a 5ft slow sink polyleader but today i used it with a 10ft slow sink polyleader with a 2ft tippet with the 5ft it was quite easy to cast but with the 10ft i am struggling the tippet is landing in a...
  10. Methods and Tactics
    How should you fish a francis fly? 45 degrees, square or slightly upstream? Slow or fast? Strip or let swing?
  11. Spinning
    Hello, I'm just after some advice. I'm going to starting spinning & mix it in while I'm out fishing the fly. I've never tried spinning before so don't really know where to start? What water should I try? Slow pools? Which lures should I use & when? I mainly fish the Wear with the odd bit on...
1-11 of 11 Results