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  1. Picture Gallery
    Guess what? And I had the old D-80 all charged up :) Shooting at f18 & 300mm made lighting tough until I figured it out. I have more even some flight shots :) I'll feed them onto the thread as the day goes on... And more; It made several sorties but came up empty on both, definitely...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Out with the dog and camera along the banks of the Findhorn last night and was called upon to net a fish for a local member. Managed a couple of shots before it was returned.
  3. Picture Gallery
    Over on Vancouver Island at the moment visiting my little brother and doing a bit of fishing. Targetting steelhead with a local guide in the Cowichan area we had a few. All about the 8-10 lb . Our guide with one caught on the dry fly. Malcolm with a good cock. me with a nice fish , my first...
  4. Picture Gallery
    Stuck inside due to bad weather. Here's a couple of shots of the river on my last day out.
  5. General Board
    I've previously shared some pictures of deer at my feeder taken with a game camera. I knew that we had some coyotes around, and I have been trying to bait them to get a shot, but the camera I've been using near the bait pile hasn't been working correctly. I caught these new shots over the last...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread on fishing dogs and see if members have any shots of their furry best friends fishing with them........ Here are some shots I found on the internet...............
  7. Hunting & Shooting
    A few shots of the last week of the stags from the Misty Isle
  8. Picture Gallery
    Got this darling the day :cool::cool: nice to get a good pull .My first on a intruder with a single hook ,and had a few dirty seatroot The photographer JORDY got a bit excited and cut my head of in the shots :p:p Either that or he's trying to tell me something :rolleyes::rolleyes: She was...
  9. Picture Gallery
    Well with all the lack of sparkling silver salmon pics I decided to upload these snap shots instead. Taken very recently, can anyone work out which Scottish island it is??:D .....and before anyone asks, its the same island in all pics, taken as I was passing East abeam.
1-9 of 9 Results