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  1. Sage
    Does any one have any experience with this rod. I like the 13’6” eight weight but I haven’t been able to try the 14ft rod 9wt. The old method 14ft I found far too stiff and ‘poker’ like but judging from my experience with the shorter rod it seems to be a much more pleasant rod to use. Any...
  2. Methods and Tactics
    Hello folks.. Just curious to see what your opinions about the best sinking lines..considering the same weight, is it better a shorter line or a longer one ? Cheers all
  3. Swap Shop
    Sage One 15 ft 10 wt no tube or bag in good used condition, a few light rubs but they are only to the surface finish open to offers of shorter rods Rod now gone thanks for the interest
  4. Classified Wanted
    looking for a Michael evans arrowhead speycaster rod if any members have one they wish to sell ,I have the taycaster which I like so was wanting to try one of the shorter model speycaster rod thanks for reading post pm me if you might have one thanks onelastcast
  5. T&L

    Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    A fly from yesterday. Should have made the tail and the topping a bit shorter and the wing a bit longer though...
  6. Lines
    I have a reel with John Norris Atlantic Integrated Shooting Head Floating loaded on it,i would like to take the head off leaving the running on and connect a shorter head for use as a switch rod line but is the running line thin enough or does it not matter.
  7. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Didn't really have anything specific in mind when I started tying. Well, that's what came out ? Wanted to have a shorter fronthackle, but only the larger feathers on my badger cape look the part.
  8. Swap Shop
    Excellent condition sage z axis 16ft 10wt Superb big River rod Cannon with both heads and Spey lines Looking to swap for something shorter Pm if you have anything for me to consider
  9. Swap Shop
    Sage one 15ft 10wt 4sect rod ,bag tube. New rod which has never been fished Test cast up local loch for 10 mins Rod is pristine as is metal tube. Going down the shorter rod route so up for grabs.superb casting and fishing rods. Looking to swap for shorter rod of same quality ,maybe decent rod...
  10. Spey Lines
    I have the above rod and was looking for spey line recommendations. I have looked at the T and S test, but for my fishing, a shorter head would be better than the ones used by the testers. Any advice appreciated though. Many thanks
1-10 of 10 Results