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  1. Spey Lines
    Hi all, Just wondering has anybody any opinions on the Loop Tactical Flyline. I have a Loop SDS Shooting Head (Scandi) kit on a Loop Cross and was wondering is there any discernible difference/advantage aside from the obvious running line format. It seems short for a "Speyline" and I suspect it...
  2. Lines
    Hi all, Gearing up for a new season and considering shooting head lines for my Loop Cross ST 13" 2' #8 Weight. I have the Loop SDS Shooting Head on it but was looking for something a tad more aggressive for early season and tackling wind etc. I am considering the Airflo Rage Compact for...
  3. Shooting Heads
    Hi, I'm visiting the Danish Skjern river in May with 2 friends. The rods we have are Flextec Speycasters 13ft 8/9. For these rods and conditions we need to find a suitable line setup. Since we need to fish sink-tips, my conclusion is to go for a skagit head, if correct? Can anyone give me...
  4. Others
    Bought my first double hander from John Norris last season. A Shakespeare Oracle xt 13ft 9wt for £40. I want to buy a reel and a line for the coming season. The line is where I'll put the money, for now. Has any one any recommendations? I am considering the following lines: Any advice...
  5. General Board
    Line for 14ft 8in LeCie Just bagged myself a second hand 3 piece 14ft 8in #10/11 Guideline LeCie on eBay. I will be using it on the River Dee, and my preference would be for shooting head lines to go with it. Have you got any recommendations for a shooting head kit/line to go with the rod...
  6. Reels
    Hi, I was wondering is anyone have tried to use the Sage 6010 reel in combination with a shooting line for Salmon fishing. My only concern is that the spool doesn't look that large and hence fitting the backing and the 9/10 shooting head may be difficult. ... Erik :)
  7. Classified Sales
    Guideline Power Taper Hover/Intermediate 10/11. Cut and looped at 11.9m and 41.4g. £25 inc post Partridge Ian Gordon Floating 10/11, medium (65') head. Twin colour Spey line. £15 inc post. Both excellent/good condition. NG
1-7 of 8 Results