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  1. Picture Gallery
    Hi I am thinking of buying the shimano stradic fl 4000 for salmon fishing I want peoples opinions on the reel and how it would do for salmon fishing
  2. General Board
    Hi guys I’m thinking on buying a shimano stradic is there much difference in fl and cI4 it’s mostly gone be used for spinning
  3. General Board
    Hi guys, I’m wondering if people could give there opinion on what they think is the best salmon reel shimano.
  4. General Board
    Hi guys, I have the Shimano Sahara 4000 rd reel I’m wondering is this reel good enough to bring in salmon as I’ve been told by people it isn’t strong enough?
  5. Rods
    Got an offer to buy a heavy rod (which I off course need). Anybody tried a Shimano perfection 16' atfm class 10-12?
  6. Reels
    The front part of my Shimano Aero 4000's spool dropped off in the Tweed this week.Any one know how to obtain spares for the reel? Ta, Pedro.
  7. Classified Sales
    Hi All, up for sale brand new Shimano Twin Power XD C5000XG Spinning Reel: Comes with 14lb Berkley Big Game Line, Salt Water proof, newest version costs well over £400 Made in Japan asking £300 delivered to Ireland/UK Thanks, Darra...
  8. Reels
    Just purchased one of these... Wow! Typical Shimano quality, ultra smooth, great looks and 6.2:1 Hagen gearing. It says it takes 195 yards of 12lb, so that's a fair bit of 30lb braid. I've got 150m of 35lb Spiderwire on it with a bit of mono backing. Anyone else got one? Should a great tool...
  9. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Shimano Baitrunner ST 6000RA Spinning Reel which is Brand New & I have loaded it with 15lbs Maxima Chameleon Nylon but I have never used it. In classic black with an XT7 spool finished in silver, the ST models are packed with far more advanced features than youd reasonably...
  10. Classified Sales
    Shimano Baitrunner Aero 6000RE reel (vgc boxed) SOLD Photos available, I couldn't upload them :redface:
  11. Reels
    You know what a tackle tart is? Well, I'm the exact opposite. Mainly I fish for rainbows on my club reservoir, using a selection of Intrepid Rimfly reels and a rod that I made myself from, er, FOTBOAL carbon blanks in the late 1970s. As I stagger towards the resumption of my migratory fish...
  12. Spinning
    I'm after a case for my Shimano Stradic FK 5000 any recommendations guys ?
  13. Classified Sales
    I have for sale my really nice spinning outfit , as follows . Rod ,Shimano Beast master 20/50g casting weight ( light as a feather strong as an ox) excellent condition Reel ,Shimano Exage C5000FC loaded with 50lb braid (dont think i have ever used it) Box of lures comprising of abu flying...
  14. Classified Sales
    Shimano DL 4000FB Baitrunner reel. Boxed and unused.The two spools are loaded with new braid,30 Whiplash Crystal and 15kg PowerPro. I bought this reel a few months ago to use for shrimping but never used it. Its a nice size for spinning as well. £45 incl P&P. REEL NOW SOLD..
  15. Classified Wanted
    Just in case someone on here who fishes for bigger species has one of these that they would like to move on. Send me a pm if you do. All the best
  16. General Board
    Is Shimano Scimitar SMS86M2a (Length 8' 6" Pieces 2 Power Med. Action Fast Line Weight 8 - 17 lbs. Lure Weight 1/4 - 1 oz.) good enough for salmon bank fishing with flying "C" 7/8oz lure? Thanks
  17. Spinning
    used up the small bottle of oil that came with the reel.Any ideas on oil to use,havnt oiled it with 2 years.thanks
  18. Spinning
    I saw a guy fishing a Shimano STC Exage 9ft 10-30 grams at the weekend, it looked capable of handling a decent fish. Anybody out there have any experience of telescopic rods. looking at the Shimano it costs about £70.Ideal size for carrying as a second option when fly fishing, but are they...
  19. Spinning
    Need to buy a new spinning reel and considering a shimano Stradic FK - any opinions on this reel? Will be using the reel on 8ft, 9ft and 10ft rods. Which size would be best for this range of rod sizes - 4000 or 5000? I will be spinning for trout, sea trout and salmon - any reccommendations on...
1-19 of 24 Results