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  1. General Board
    Can anyone share the name of the red fly with yellow eyes that they show toward the end of this piece? FLY TV - Small River Salmon in Denmark (double handed fly fishing) - YouTube
  2. Patterns for other species
    But is it a catcher? Lol Wee bit of fun, had tied this for totm. Thought I'd share.
  3. General Board
    If anyone would be intrested in a rod share fishing 3 days in Iceland on the laxa kjos river on the 7-10th of August please send me a private message for more details. Thanks
  4. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I think the below is self explanatory, Australia has already banned them from landing fish or refuelling in Aussie ports. Its time we did the same to protect our smolts as bycatch. Please sign and share, with 10,500 signatures, this will now be going out to MPs , the...
  5. Rookies Corner
    Well, I've got this flight of fancy in my head, it's been bubbling about for a year or two and since a T+S article recently has been occupying my thoughts quite a bit. I've a hankering to catch a Salmon from a drifting boat on one of the big loch's or lough's, the article on the Leven River and...
  6. General Board
    nice wee vid I thought I'd share Just a fantastic short film about the Gaula salmon by Matt Hayes .
  7. General Board
    This was posted elsewhere on the forum but thought i'd share it on the general board. Full Film: Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon - YouTube
  8. General Board
    Thought this would be worth a share for those not on FB. The Biggest Brown Trout in the World - Thingvellir, Iceland - Flylords Mag
  9. Patterns for other species
    Seen this on Facebook thought I'd share. We've all had that moment :wow::D
  10. Picture Gallery
    Wee trip over to arran yesterday thought I'd share a few pics.
  11. General Board
    My daughter is coming up to two years old. I'd love to get her into fishing and she definitely likes the outdoors. I'm not going to push her into it, and if it's not her thing fair enough, but I'm keen to give her the best possible chance of falling in love with the sport. I appreciate that...
  12. General Board
    Does anyone have any insights to what the new gear is there bringing out? I have noticed s1 range and g4 reels and clothing Al discounted, so looks to be a full sweep of gear!! Anyone got any info they could share Davy
  13. Site Help and Suggestions
    Yet again, flicked onto the forum only to be faced, yet again, with the Quantcast page asking my preferences re cookies, advertising et al. Here's a wee Xmas pressie for you Fish and Fly, to make things easy. My data, is my data and I'll never allow you to share it with anyone. Simples...
  14. Hunting & Shooting
    I just wanted to share this with you all.. Be Aware!!!
  15. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    One from the weekend.
  16. General Board
    anyone fished this river? what's the verdict? What might a rod expect in terms of the fishing, catches (or not). I believe it has a hydro scheme at its head so levels are a bit more certain than the Gaula. Do you share with locals or is it a little emore private. Thinking about 2019 trips.
  17. Fly Tying Topics
    My mates fishing Russia in June and he's been told to take some German Snaeldas with a blue hackle. Does this look about right as i have never tied them before, this ones on a 22mm brass with an overall length of 3 inches. Also does anyone have any other snaelda patterns that have done well in...
  18. Fly Tying Topics
    having a decent amount of patriots as appose to salars, the more i tie on them the less i like them, the shape just isn't as good and the eye is too thick and at too flat an angle anyone else share this opinion?
  19. Rookies Corner
    To give some context, I'm doing a school project designing a sort of clubhouse for fly-fishermen by a river bank. I am someone with completely 0 experience in any forms of fishing and would really like to know some pointers on what fishermen really need? I figured probably a bar to share a pint...
1-20 of 25 Results