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  1. Classified Sales
    I have a full set of these for sale in all densities at £30 each per head including postage. Note: SOLD The Full Float has small signs of wear but perfectly fishable. Payment by Paypal Friends or Family Only (Unless you pay the fees) or bank transfer
  2. Classified Wanted
    Hi I am looking for a set of medium MOW tips, please pm me with any details of set. many thanks Malc
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    What a load of rubbish - not recommended. Cabin fever has set in.
  4. Feather Wing Patterns
    Another one tied today. This one has only 2 body hackles :) The wing is set on 2 layered underwing to withstand fishing conditions.
  5. Classified Wanted
    Has anyone got the above tips, looking for the mint green floater especially, bought the 480 grain head, and running line from a local dealer but unfortunately never got any matching tips and he won't break another set for tips. Thanks.
  6. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi Short Versi Tip. Short Shooting Head and set of 10ft tips. 9 weight Floating head. Set f 4 x 10ft tips - floating, intermediate, slow and fast sinking 33ft/ 10m 550grains/ 35.7 grams Front loop is cut off (see photo below). This can be sorting with braided loop. Posted in UK for £25.
  7. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    The rest of the set. Yellow Blue White Green
  8. Classified Sales
    I have for sale a lightly used sitka gear goretex set stormfront model cist over 1200 euros from the states, the jacket is an exceptional wading jacket it has water seal cuffs and zipper imho the quality puts simms to shame. I am looking for 650 uk plus shipping can email photos on request
  9. General Board
    Whats your favourite spinning rod and set up? I’m not a huge spinning fan and took up salmon fishing to catch big wild fish on a fly rod but a lot of the rivers I fish especially the big ones early season let you spin and I will give it a go for a wee while once I’ve been through my fly box...
  10. General Board
    I’m looking to try a skagit set up this spring. I’ll be fishing it off a zephrus 13,6 8/9#. I have looked into it a bit and think I have the jist of it. My rod is rated 600 grains so would a 540 grain skagit fished with 10ft T7 and 10ft T10 be the correct formula or have I gotten it wrong, thanks.
  11. Rods
    As it's almost Christmas let's assume a blank canvas. Anyone care to offer and informed opinion on rods and lines - especially weights, is a 6wt trout set up too light? - for fishing Bombers and Micro Tubes over decent fish. Anyone got strong views on line tapers etc ...
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    Just wondering where you all do your fly tying?. I've now got the little back bedroom(its a perfect size!) and inherited my eldest sons old computer table- plenty of draws and a big flat tying space, ok for vices etc., I've also another set of draws behind for associated fishing gubbins and all...
  13. Rookies Corner
    What is the best way to set the hook. Know that a lot of different methods used by different people. This season I was lucky enough to land 6 fish over the season but had takes from at least 4 times this amount. I have the drag on the reel set so line comes off easily and I let the fish run for...
  14. Classified Sales
    Vac Rac lockable suction Rod holder set, excellent condition. These are the lockable Loc Rac carrier as shown in the attached Link. Loc Rac - Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicles £35 posted. SOLD
  15. Classified Sales
    ....XXXXXSOLDXXXXX £35 posted.
  16. Classified Sales
    I have a set of 39g heads F/H/I, F/H S2 and F/H/S4, these are uncut at 44' with loops on, £100 the set or £40 each. Some of the best SH's ever made.
  17. Spinning
    I'm changing my rapalas to single treble with a swivel and split rings and need some advice on hook size etc. What size trebles should I use with a 70mm and 90mm? What about 110s and 130s are they set up the same way or on the middle hook mount? Is it really necessary to tie the hook up? I've...
  18. Classified Sales
    I have a set of 3 Zpey Fusion II heads for sale, hardly used and on original spools and in original boxes. Float, 0/0/1 and 1/2/3. They are 41gr and rrp was £80 each new. I'm looking for £120 Inc p&p for the set.
  19. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Just wondering what rod set up people prefer for the boyne in terms of length and aftm etc?
  20. Rookies Corner
    hello guys I mostly fish pay on catch and release I was hoping to expand my fishing experiences. I have just bought a lamson micra 3.5 lite speed reel was hoping to pair it up with a brand new never used Greys GS 9.6 #7 weight rod. I have a bario iss 8/9 line. not sure if this is the best set...
1-20 of 70 Results