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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Over the last 5 months I have used the Parcelforce Express 48 service to send a number of quite high value items of fishing gear. The service overall has been seriously underwhelming and I am not exactly sure what the 48 in Express 48 refers to. I have had parcels take 10 days to arrive. Some...
  2. Fishing Clothing
    I’ve got 3 sets of Simms waders, one pair I got at a fab price and are in the wardrobe waiting for one of the others to fail, the other 2 I swap between. However I broke the little black plastic keep that crosses the straps on your back, no bother I borrowed one from the others but eventually my...
  3. General Board
    I have a couple of multiplier reels that need a good going over for next season. I have in the past used blakdog tackle and Russ does a great job. He is so busy that it's around a 6 week turnaround has anyone used any other reel service engineers ??
  4. General Board
    Had a problem with my Abu Cardinal 157 that was jamming on the downstroke. So sent them off to Martin Stone who repairs a lot of Abu reels. Sent on Monday back on Friday what fantastic service ,don't know the guy at all but will be sending off my 2 x 55's for a service ready for next year. He...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Excellent service from Veals mail order in Bristol. Ordered a new spinning reel and spare spool at a good price yesterday at 3:15pm . A Penn battle 2 2500 spinning reel. Arrived by Royal mail at lunchtime today . Cracking service !! Pity they dont do game fishing tackle but for sea fishing and...
  6. General Board
    Ordered some Rio tips at 2pm yesterday. Came through the letter box this morning whilst I was getting stung by wasps in mum’s garden. Great service from AA yet again. :thumb:
  7. General Board
    I had the misfortune to break the top piece of my Greys salmon rod on Tuesday night. I phoned them yesterday morning and spoke to Stephen about a replacement under the life time warranty. I was charged £30 for this service which at the end of the day didn't bust the bank and was told it would...
  8. General Board
    After many, many seasons the BOA laces on my Korkers started fraying. After checking old posts on the Forum I went to the BOA website and filled in a warranty claim online. That was last Wednesday. Today 2 new replacement kits arrived from Germany. That is what I call great service...
  9. General Board
    Ordered a line from them online yesterday (Friday) at 16:30, got an email from James at 16:40 stating my order had been shipped. Sure enough it arrived this morning (Saturday) Great Service. First time I have used them and certainly will be using them again. Thanks Gaelforce.
  10. General Board
    If so, I need to talk to you about an issue with a reel! I have emailed using the contact details on your website, and have so far been completely blanked! Staggers me how, in the service industry, people don't check their emails and respond immediately (or at least pretty quickly). Oscar.
  11. General Board
    I have a wide range of Vision tackle from boots to waders, jackets, rods, heads and reels and I've always seen them as excellent quality and value for money - my faith in them has been justified. Just recently I took apart an early #7/9 XLA reel to clean it and surprisingly the head came off the...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Contacted Lamson via email message waste of time pawned me off i was just asking for a new neophrene pouch to purchase. Nick at customer service Lamson like dealing with a chocolate soldier.
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ? Self service tills ? I hate them with a vengeance. ?
  14. General Board
    Had some excellent customer service from Danielsson, my reel which is about 4 years old was free spinning after retrieving the line on my first trip of the season, sent back to them and repaired it free of charge and returned to me
  15. General Board
    Programme on BBC World Service Radio right now about salmon farming and the hugely positive social impact it has had. The figures involved are staggering, in revenue and jobs. Whole things seems unstoppable. It's under the "Global Business - The Fish Farming Revolution" heading. BBC - World...
  16. General Board
    With all the recent posts about great and sometimes bad service I thought it would be good to list your top three great service tackle shops in the UK. It will be interesting to see which shops come out on top. Here goes with mine 1. John Norris Penrith 2. Graham's Inverness 3. Angling Active...
  17. General Board
    Had really bad service from Helsinki spey clave fishing shop recently let me down with two big fly tying orders in the space of a month. Ordered once and the item never turned up at all, when I pulled them on it they fobbed me off for 3 weeks saying it was xmas post etc. nearly 3 weeks later and...
  18. General Board
    Popped into Angling Active to discuss skagit, T tips, MOW tips and other baffling stuff. In the process they checked over my existing AFS shooting head setup. Thomas was so aghast at the poor state of my four year old running line that he suggested I change it. Being a tight fisted Fifer I...
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Isn't it strange how the government can find extra funds to get us out or Europe, but there are never any substantial funds available for our public service workers.!!!.
  20. General Board
    E-Mail sent to Lamson looking for a Guru 11 HD cage ..... Reply------Sorry we do not sell cages because they are to expensive to produce--- advice given look for a second hand reel. Customer service that dealt with my request enough to put you off buying Lamson in the future..
1-20 of 23 Results