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  1. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got the 12 ft 6 version they are willing to sell? Cheers
  2. Classified Wanted
    Does anybody have an original orvis SSS made in Argentina 7/8 size. Made in the 1980s. ????????? If you do are you willing to sell it???
  3. Classified Wanted
    If anyone has 1 of these lines in vg condition and willing to sell please let me know. Thanks
  4. Waders
    I bought a pair of the X-Tech CC6 breathable waders last year, only worn them twice and I've got to say they feel absolute quality, bomb proof waders. However, they're a touch too small so I'm going to sell them on and get the next size up. When I've started looking there seems to be X-Tech CC6...
  5. Classified Wanted
    Anyone got a Sage Evoke 10 spool that they are willing to sell? Not bothered about the colour. Thanks Conehead
  6. Classified Wanted
    Danielsson l5W 8twelve spare pool Looking for a Danielsson L5W 8twelve spare spool if anyone has one to sell,please send me a PM many thanks.
  7. Classified Wanted
    Hoping that someone has a spare spool for the above that they would sell Please
  8. Classified Wanted
    Just wondering if anyone has the above line in a 10/11 rating they would be willing to sell?
  9. Classified Sales
    SOLD. Cheers Diarmid.
  10. Rods
    Folks i have a new 12ft #8 loop yellow line rod with original tube. does anybody know what kind of money these rods sell for ?
  11. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above line in floating, the straw coloured one if anyone has one to sell. Cheers Diarmid.
  12. Classified Wanted
    Looking for above line. F/I/S3/S5 In 550gr and 600gr if anyone has any to sell Cheers derek
  13. Classified Wanted
    Hi would anybody have any 18gram salmologic logic coated leaders that they dont use and are willing to sell many thanks.
  14. Classified Wanted
    Hardy Angel MK 1 7/8 Spare Spool Made in England Does anyone have a spare spool for the Hardy Angel MK1 7/8 reel above that they would like to sell please - Must be the Mark 1 model though - made in England.
  15. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above spare spool if anyone has one to sell. Cheers Diarmid.
  16. Classified Wanted
    Wanted above line in sink 1/3 body version in 9/10 weight (38.2 grams). Must be in excellent condition. P.M. if you have one you want to sell. Thanks
  17. Classified Wanted
    Hardy Sirrus mid section Hi folks. I have a 6 weight 11 foot 3 piece Hardy Sirrus fly rod with a broken mid section and hoping somebody may have one they may sell to me. Fingers crossed. Thanks in advance Chris
  18. General Board
    Dose anyone fish with system 2 reels anymore. I've been on eBay trying to sell some but no one interested.
  19. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got any of these the're looking to sell Thanks....
  20. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a Hardy Marksman S 13 8 if anyone if looking to sell one, cheers
1-20 of 126 Results