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  1. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Small flies tied with hope, that the summer season won't be lost as the spring one.
  2. Patterns for other species
    Point or dropper fly . Hopefully get a swim this season . Did very well last year. Colin.
  3. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Hopefully be able to use it before the season ends.
  4. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Just a made up pattern. I'd love to get one on this if I get a chance this season
  5. Picture Gallery
    Happy Monday's sneaked this beauty before lockdown on lower tummel yesterday might just be the first and last springer of this season hope we All get back out fishing soon
  6. Fishing Videos
    Hi, little video of starting season for trout fishing : have a nice day. Yan
  7. Rods
    Im looking to purchase a rod in the 14.6 to 15ft range for a 10#. Happy to buy from here if someone has something that takes my fancy or buy new if needs be. Looking for recomendations. Budget of around £400. This will only be used a few time each season, even if that.
  8. Spinning
    I bought some sharps ball bearing swivels last season, and I have just been checking my fishing tackle for next season and they have seized up. The swivels appear different to what they use to look like, yet they are definitely sharps, perhaps with a new design? I don’t suppose anybody has any...
  9. General Board
    I was out today to leave tags back that I didn't use last year they told me only 3 tags is being issued for the whole season
  10. General Board
    Link to consultation on extending NE Coast Sea Trout netting season: Potential extension to the Yorkshire and North East coastal sea trout netting season - Environment Agency - Citizen Space 'Following the consultation, a summary of all submissions received will be...
  11. Scottish Rivers
    The season got off to a cracking start on the River Findhorn today. The Forres angling association hosted its annual ceremony with a special guest putting in a brief appearance!! The fish, caught by regular visitor, Peter Green, was estimated at 18lb and was caught in the Stoney Pool on a Dee...
  12. Video Gallery
    Morning folks, anyone fish the Coquet in Northumberland?? What’s it like? If so any recommendations for early season /spring beats?? Cheers
  13. English Rivers
    Any news from this lovely Northumbrian river which is sadly a shadow of its former self?
  14. River Tweed Reports & News
    Here we go 2020! Good Luck to all the Tweed fishers for 2020. Expecting a few changes to regulations this season. Not seen anything in writing yet but fairly sure there will be. I am hoping that the River Till will be unaffected by any changes to spinning and worming as this could ruin the...
  15. Rookies Corner
    Hi all, myself and my brother have decided to take up salmon fishing this coming season after spending years fly fishing for trout/grayling, we've joined a local northeast club TAS and can't wait to get out and learn the water we will have access to. I've bought most of the gear I'm going to...
  16. General Board
    Hi looking for to find what the fishing is like on little leny and Balvig was thinking of giving it a go this season
  17. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tilbouries shrimp variant First fly off the vice this year, and indeed the pattern I got my last fish from last season on.
  18. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied an Ackroyd on a needle tube for start of season on Tay
  19. General Board
    Hi Guys, last week I was reading the thread on the USK seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know why or where its gone. Tight lines to everyone for the 2020 season
  20. English Rivers
    Off we go again ! Here's to a fruitful 2020 season with plenty of fish and ideal conditions ! The Border Esk & Liddle Angling Club AGM will be held on February the 29th at the CROSS KEYS HOTEL Canonbie, 10.30 am start. New members and interested anglers are welcome to attend, to meet with...
1-20 of 212 Results