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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Now that my salmon fly boxes are filled up, I'm about to start topping up my sea trout fly boxes, and I'm looking for some suggestions on what hooks to use as I'm all out. I typically fish Squirrel & Blue's, Alexandria's, and Silver Stoats, along with a few muddler/surface lures - I'd also be...
  2. Patterns for other species
    Hope this pleases a certain someone on here. Colin.
  3. Patterns for other species
    This should pulse nicely and maybe attract a sea trout. Colin.
  4. Patterns for other species
    Latest play with what's on the bench. Colin.
  5. Patterns for other species
    Maybe we will be able to fish the autumn run of sea trout in my local river . This has got , to my mind , most of the ingredients for sea trout. Colin.
  6. General Board
    I’m thinking of spinning for sea trout from the shore as a Danish colleague of mine had convinced me to give it a try. I’m just wondering what the legalities are with this in Scotland. If you know of a river that has decent sea trout runs how close to the river mouth are you allowed to fish? Do...
  7. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hi I’ve farted about a lot over the last 10 years with Sage XP’s for everything from small river salmon, sea trout and bonefish - probably because my 6 wt is probably the best big trout rod I’ve ever used I want to recreate that mojo. I thought the 8 wt was a bit of a cannon and too stiff for...
  8. General Board
    Had a very nice holiday near Inverness way back in the 80s. In conversation with some local anglers they let slip that Sea Trout could be caught on the Black Isle but I'd stand no chance of getting one without a special local home made lure. The most information I could drag out of anyone was...
  9. General Board
    Potential extension to the Yorkshire and North East coastal sea trout netting season - Environment Agency - Citizen Space
  10. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hello Everyone, I have a friend who wants to take me Sea Trout fishing when I'm in the UK. Sounds great except the part where he says we'll start around 10:00 PM take a break around 2 and then fish until dawn......... :shocked: When I lived in the US state of Pennsylvania there were many venue...
  11. General Board
    Welsh river hooks bylaws Evening folks, With NRW bringing in mandatory barbless single hooks on welsh rivers for the coming season, I have to switch the trebles to singles on all my lures. On the rapalas and mepps I was thinking of cutting 2 hooks off each treble set. However can anyone...
  12. Welsh Rivers
    Having read the new game fishing regulations for Welsh Rivers I'm unsure about worm fishing. The wording in the Salmon Fishing Restrictions. "Worm fishing for salmon is prohibited at all times." The wording for Sea Trout restrictions says "Bait fishing for sea trout is allowed outside the...
  13. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    The article in the February 2020 edition of FF&FT magazine made very interesting reading to me. While I realise the data has not been fully analysed it seems that 50% of smolts tagged in the rivers involved failed to make it to sea is of particular importance. In my previous post on stocking...
  14. General Board
    Angling officials investigate Britain's biggest sea trout amid claims it could be salmon hybrid
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hello! My name is Dmitry, I am from Russia, Kamchatka. I love fishing. Your experience in fishing salmon in the sea (not trolling), in posting is interesting. An interesting experience is fishing from a kayak in the sea.
  16. General Board
    Got to thinking t'other day.I don't catch that many Sea Trout when I'm fishing for Salmon(assuming there's some there to catch of course), as largely I'm fishing Salmon patterns( flee fishing if I dare admit to that!) and fishing in a manner/place to try and catch Salmon, especially in day light...
  17. Patterns for other species
    This winter I will be sorting out my salty sea trout, ready to put in a bit more effort targeting them here in the UK come spring Vaskebjornen Various flavours of Magnus Small deceiver The sandstorm, with eyes
1-20 of 164 Results