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  1. General Board
    At a planning meeting last week a large extension to a Marine Harvest Salmon farm was approved on Loch Leven Argyll who's local rivers the Coe and Leven are almost extirpated of migratory fish. Marine Harvest have admitted lice were out of control on the Leven site in Spring this year. The local...
  2. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Press Release: Inland Fisheries Ireland New research finds salmon farming contributes to sea lice infestation on sea trout as valuable stocks decline Monday, 9th January 2017: The Board of Inland Fisheries Ireland has welcomed new research by scientists from Inland Fisheries Ireland and Argyll...
  3. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    This matter is causing me great concern. Our natural heritage is being dismantled by the politicians who were voted in by us. With no agenda agreed by their voters they have taken action that will ultimately result in the demise of our Salmon & Sea-trout. As a boy, on holiday in Ballycastle...
1-3 of 3 Results