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  1. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    It was time to clear out the scrap bin that hangs off my vice ( which always seems to be overflowing ....) Thought I could salvage some odds n ends & use up two random tubes also lying in there.. Here's the quick results ... Not my finest efforts I must admit :lol:
  2. Picture Gallery
    Managed a couple of hours in between jobs today. A had a fair old scrap of this wee in.
  3. Picture Gallery
    My second of the season today on the fly ! Great scrap 11lbs safely returned .
  4. Picture Gallery
    My first salmon on the fly ! On mid clyde system what a scrap !
  5. General Board
    Water levels finally dropped enough stop a few Springers racing to the headwaters. Managed this cracker on Sunday 30th. Always good to get a March fish. Great scrap on an 11ft Switch rod.In and back out in under 10mins. :D:D Simon Cassidy - That me off the bus. Spanking 16lber. | Facebook
  6. Picture Gallery
    Here's a couple of Billies I've caught over the last couple of weeks. Keeps me going... Just as the sun sinks and in to the darkness is the time to have them, but when the swell is pumping you'll get them during the day. The biggish one was estimated about 6lb and caught in the pitch black...
  7. General Board
    Has any beats got a use for an oil Esse cooker and some flue sections, we removed our cooker late last year but it’s just lay in one of our workshops. If anyone has any use for it give myself a message before I scrap it.
  8. Picture Gallery
    Hard scrap in freezing conditions straight out of the Barents sea will not forget this one for a while.
  9. Picture Gallery
    Managed to grab a wee hour on the river this morning before taking the dog a walk down the borders, I lost another fish about 10 minutes before I hooked this wee cock fish, it put up a decent wee scrap before being sent on his way, a wee gold head parkshrimp done the business
  10. Picture Gallery
    first decent sea trout for me gave a cracking scrap
  11. Picture Gallery
    Had a plan for a few hours fishing after work. The plan worked and ended up with this fat wee seatrout just shy oh 3lb, smashing scrap too! It fancied my size 12 Hauger so much it was doon it's gills and bleeding so chapped it.
1-11 of 11 Results