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  1. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Slightly lengthy piece in todays Herald. Mike A BROAD grin stretches across Robert White's face when I come in from the frost at the Catholes hut, a wooden cabin, perched on a dramatic bend on the river Tay. He had woken up to a clear sky. After weeks of Storm Ciara's dirt, wind and torrents, of...
  2. North American Fly Patterns
    This is my totm entry, an intruder based on the famous Scottish fly the Ally's Shrimp.
  3. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    An extract from todays Herald. Not seen the lists for this years categories yet Mike ANGLERS will be banned from taking their catch home on more than 100 of Scotland's salmon rivers this year. Ten rivers or waterways have moved to the highest conservation status since last year, amid ongoing...
  4. Hunting & Shooting
    At last Scottish Natural Heritage is beginning to see sense. Fighting a goose invasion with guns, knives and forks - BBC News
  5. News & Features
    Scottish ministers withold information on salmon farms Watchdog demands release of government facts about Scottish Salmon | The National
  6. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    News piece from local paper....... Mike Hundreds of people created a large-scale human-chain on the Isle of Arran to protest against a proposed fish farm off the untouched north-east coast of the island. Around 200 people turned up to create the chain on Sunday in protest against the Scottish...
  7. Scottish Rivers
    Salmon farming giant Mowi probed over chemical use - BBC News. will the Scottish rivers recover from C&R
  8. General Board
    I understand the different categories for individual Scottish rivers are based on their conservation limit attainment. A similar system pertains in Ireland. However in Ireland a number of rivers have a separate conservation limit for MSW fish and 1SW fish. Are there also separate conservation...
  9. General Board
    Read today that the Scottish Government have agreed a proposal to allow a 5,000 ton salmon farm off Arran. as if we need another like a hole in the head. Thanks Nicola. equally depressing is the catches of the main rivers in Scotland. declared only Today 1 off the Tay 1off the Dee 2off the Tweed...
  10. News & Features
    Beavers to become protected species in Scotland - BBC News
  11. News & Features
    Might be of some interest The Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019 I am writing to let you know that Scottish Ministers have today laid regulations in the Scottish Parliament setting out the provisions which will regulate the retention and killing of Atlantic salmon in...
  12. General Board
  13. General Board
    Went with the Edinburgh Flydressers to the Orvis Open Day and met this really lovely guy from Fife. We blethered about this and that, and during our conversation it emerged that he had over the years taken many youngsters under his wing and taught them fishing and fly-tying. It left me feeling...
  14. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A mate told me that this was very good on the north Scottish rivers last year. Tied on a 12mm copper tube.
  15. Scottish Rivers
    It's now about 25years ago that I first travelled over to visit the British Isles for salmon and seatrout fishing. There were really chilling temperatures and some snow on the grounds of the upper Tweed in this week with hard frosts at night. I met Derek Brown at the Traquair Arms in...
  16. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Not really surprised by this latest announcement by Scotgov. IMHO this inquiry was set up for the sole purpose of being seen to allow the salmon farmers to acknowledge some industry mistakes while allowing the industry to grow & increase output and basically carry on as normal. Another let off...
  17. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    A group of campaigning organisations yesterday launched a petition to the Scottish parliament calling for a moratorium on expansion of the salmon farming industry. Animal charity One Kind, Scottish Salmon Think-Tank, Save Seil Sound and the Salmon Aquaculture Reform Network Scotland said there...
  18. General Board
    Deep-sea mystery of Isle of Harris's missing 300,000 salmon Mark Macaskill August 19 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times The loss of 300,000 farmed salmon in Scotland has prompted claims of a "fudge" after a volte-face on initial reports of a mass escape. The incident, at a site on the Isle of...
  19. News & Features
    The Scottish salmon farming industry is to publish monthly farmed salmon mortality figures from today. The SSPO stated it was trying to "transparent and understanding" in this voluntary move. Farm by farm statistics will be available to view on the SSPO website from this morning. However...
  20. News & Features
    Scottish salmon farmers (SSPO) have gone back on a deal to publish data on sea lice infestations and ignoring demands for the publication of this data as specified in the Scottish Parliament Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee in March 2018. A reminder has been sent but no data...
1-20 of 253 Results