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  1. General Board
    What happened with tackle shops the last year or two, I remember they'd be in here and other places at Christmas/boxing day/January sales with offers, seems they don't even try anymore. Flash a 10% off voucher in my face and I'm likely to spend some money as I'm sure lots of people are here...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    while reading some of the posts the page skips up and down while ads change from vacuum cleaner to watch sales ,even as I type its doing it ! frustrating to say the least ,am I the only one this happens to ?
  3. Spinning
    Fill your boots all available in the sales section Any take your fancy ??
  4. Skagit Lines
    Any feedback on this line would be a bonus ,was thinking of buying one for a specific purpose ,do they really dig in well and swing slower through a fast run or is this another sales pitch .
  5. General Board
    Great podcast from Monday night on AM Angling site or FB page, fantastic insight to Henrik's vast experience of salmon fishing, it is not a Salmologic sales pitch it is a general discussion about all things salmon fishing. Well worth a watch.
  6. Classified Sales
    Just a test I can sell after the latest hullabaloo about sales
  7. General Board
    Hi , a bit non fussed at some of the offers i have seen or been bombarded with emails for the sales . Norris had only a couple of decent things on offer . Angling Active had 10% off up to £100 then 15% thereafter which was pretty decent , but as for the rest , it was the same old size 6 wading...
  8. General Board
    Can the administrator let me know why I could not answer to Gwelshers sales post ? vBulletin Message sewinfly, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: If you are posting in Classifieds, you may not have permission to advertise yet...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Well, what a forum we have here. I posted in general yesterday a free pair of waders for any youngster, which to me is not a sale so i didn't put in sales. So i have an email this morning to say that it has been moved to sales and closed, fair enough. I now go to members sales and in big red...
  10. General Board
    Recently I sold a rod listed by me on the Forum (classified sales members) but I canot enter to reply myself indicating that it was sold. I also have other items announced but can not enter any of them if I need reply or edit. Someone knows the reason, please?. Thanks in advance.
  11. General Board
    Locked out yet again from posting, this is after only 3 items within the last month. Any clues to why. I have tried to contact the powers that be but no reply.:batty:
  12. Site Help and Suggestions
    Classifieds ---> Century Stealth 13ft 8/9/10 ---> Post no 15 DCH
  13. Swap Shop
    Hi, looking to swap my LTS X1 rod for something smaller. If you have something to offer please drop me a PM. Also listed in the sales section. Thanks, Kenny
  14. Swap Shop
    As this rod never generated much interest in the sales sectoin i thought I'd give it a go as a swap. Will consider anything salmon fishing related. If you have anything to offer please drop me a PM. Photos can be seen in the sales section. Kenny
  15. General Board
    Anyone good sales for Black Friday? Let the madness begin!
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    As you all know the members classifieds is a very popular part of this forum and as such it receives a lot of new posts and views every day. With all private classifieds in the one forum this means everything is all mixed up together and items quickly move down the first page and off of it. I...
1-17 of 19 Results