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  1. Rookies Corner
    Hey guys , my experience with salmon fishing is very limited only doing the run in the fall in upstate NY. Are there fishing opportunities in the spring for salmon in rivers and streams or is it just limited to the fall run? Thanks so much David
  2. Scottish Rivers
    A little surprised to see that nobody has kicked off a new thread for this wonderful river which has unfortunately been struggling big style since 2013. That is when the Autumn run decided not to return and the once magnificent late season catches of big licers were replaced with a scattering of...
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Well 2019 seemed to be a reasonable year. Probably partly with the removal of the nets. There certainly seemed to be a lot of grilse on the Westie. There seemed to be a decent run of spring fish, but disease was pretty bad and because there also seemed to be a lot of fish suffering from the...
  4. General Board
    The son goal for spurs must be a worthy contender for goal of the season. Harry kane scored a stunner but was overshadowed by the run from son from 1 yrd outside his own box to finish of an amazing solo run which finished with a superb and magical goal. Gets my vote
  5. General Board
    I hooked and landed a spanking clean run grilse on the last day of October which I put back , I was wondering how long in the river it would take for it to be in spawning condition ?
  6. General Board
    Does anybody have the email address for BOA customer services? Broke my fourth set of laces in 2 years this week whilst away on a trip. Luckily I had a field repair kit handy, but I’ve now run out of spares and am hoping they will give me a few sets. Any help appreciated Cheers
  7. General Board
    Hi all - has anyone fished this river specifically in Tomintoul !? I heard vague reports of it's great sea trout run ... would love to hear peoples thoughts and experiences!
  8. General Board
    Just a quickie after Isisalar's reply in the wading jacket thread. I use a waterproof neck pouch for my I phone(I've tested it in a bowl of water 1st before trusting the phone to it!).Yup, you've guessed it being a Tyke full weight mine came from the local £ shop for the heady sum of, £1 !. I...
  9. General Board
    How is this years grilse run comparing to the last few ? I am currently up the Helmsdale for second time in a couple of weeks and it certainly seems to be a weaker run this year . Small grilse as well a lot of the ones that have been caught..
  10. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    .Caught this Pink Salmon in the Foxford waters on shrimp fly ,not much fight just one strong run then into net .will give to IFI.
  11. General Board
    Whilst fishing our north coast a few weeks ago, I learnt some interesting news from the old retired netsmen. In summers like last year, when the rivers got so low and warm, the the fish won't enter the river. On each tide they continue to build, and come in and out each day hoping for fresh...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Is there anyone on the forum that can recommend or suggest a good, efficient and relatively cheap to run either laser or ink jet colour printer for a small office - offering a wireless connection to three desks. The good old Epsom WF-4630 we have run for a few years now has finally just given...
  13. Scottish Rivers
    Anyone know if the river Isla gets a good early session run of Salmon ? Herd reports the river does not get a good early run especially the upper section where the River Ericht meets the Isla. Any information would be appreciated Thanks.
  14. General Board
    I was wondering if like last summer when there is little rain and a poor salmon run, will those salmon run in the spring?
  15. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Hi, Was thinking of fishing the Moy, Drowes, Finn rivers and maybe others in Spring 2019. Is there any particular spring week that would coinside with a decent run on all these rivers ?
  16. Picture Gallery
    Caught this one and 2 others last Thursday afternoon. One of them was a bar of silver. So the lower Dee does seem to be having a bit of a backend run this year.
  17. General Board
    The Spey board had an meeting yesterday in order to address low catches and water, the result will be published soon?. Are canoeists still able to run the river in very low water.
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Are there any runners here? If so, we need to outdo the spandex-clad pansies relying upon mechanical assistance for their exercise in the cycling topic. I run about 12-25 miles per week, all dirt road or trail running in the mountains. Last week I did 19 miles with about 2300’ elevation over...
  19. General Board
    River levels in my neck of the woods have been reasonably high this spring which should have helped the smolt run descend the rivers quite quickly and hopefully avoid the worst of predation by FEBs. What conditions have the rest of the country had ?
1-20 of 44 Results