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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Like the bank robber said in the opening scenes of the original Dirty Harry movie, "I just gots to know". Why do you call it Bog Roll?
  2. Fishing Videos
    Not as annoying as some. What a fish! 27lb Atlantic Salmon on a posh tosh double Ibsley Pool - YouTube
  3. Classified Sales
    Roll up, roll up roll up I have a Vision Tool 15ft 4 piece fly rod for sale. It is the model with the cork handle and has been used on only 2 occasions and is therefore what is commonly referred to in this parish as a 'spanker' being like new. Price is £325.00 which includes next day delivery...
  4. Salt Water Fishing
    Went for a troll along the East Devon coast this evening . All went back. Roll on October. Colin.
  5. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hi, looking for tips and hints here... Despite being a competent roll caster during the day, I struggle with roll casting at night, especially with a high grassy bank and overhanging trees behind me when it's difficult to make a loop. The river I fish it is easy to wade through lies so I don't...
  6. Casting Videos
    Explained by Jon Spey Casting With Jon | Don't be Afraid of the Snake Roll - YouTube
  7. Classified Sales
    I have for sale a Vision Tool 15ft 4 piece salmon rod. It is as new and has only been used a couple of times. It is the model with the EVA handle. Vision suggest 37g to 50g regarding line rating. I find it works extremely well indeed with a 42g shooting head. It performs exceptionally with a...
1-7 of 7 Results