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  1. Rods
    Looking for opions I have a 15ft spey rod and l am looking at buying either a 13ft spey or a 12ft switch rod ,both these rods would suit the rivers I fish Just want to know the pros a cons
  2. Rods
    Interested investing on a bloke switch rod. Anybody any experience of them on here?
  3. Rod

    General Board
    Hello everyone, Looking at my old rods I asked myself a question can be stupid; the rods lose their quality with age. Is the action modified after significant use? It's really a confined fisherman idea!
  4. Guideline
    I'm considering the new LPXe 13 foot in 8/9 and looking for feedback on the rods, opinions actually. Must be the lockdown got to me :shocked: Would like to hear from users please. Ard
  5. Rods
    I was just wondering how many anglers out there are using composite handles on their rods. I have had a few custom built rods over the last few years and was advised to go the full composite. I have to say that the handles are much better and more durable than cork. Getting a rod with really...
  6. Spinning
    I`m looking for a new spinning rod 9 or 10 ft and I`ve seen a few ads about these rods so was wondering if anyone has one or has had a shot of one? From the description it looks like the spec is similar to the ones Guideline had on the market a few years ago, particularly the short handle above...
  7. General Board
    Just wondering, if any ones tried any of the rods on e bay ads. on here that seem to crop up rather regular.Fish Corona I think they are, usually ex demo/shop soiled items, in particular any of the Switch rods or the smaller double handers. They always seem to be cropping up in a reasonable...
  8. Classified Sales
    I am moving on some of my older Salmologic rods in order to make way for the new range if anyone is interested please PM me and I will let you know what is available
  9. Rods
    Hi everyone, I am just looking for some recommendations. I am thinking of getting a new trout rod for the coming season; usual story, salmon slowdown and doing a little more trout fishing. For years I have used a 10ft weight 6 hardy angel 2 as an all-rounder. I fish reservoirs both boat and...
  10. Classified Wanted
    Hi Guys looking for the above rods just resurrected my 3 piece 13ft Norway and still love it.But it barely fits into my car boot. If anyone has either or both of the above and are willing to part with them.I have a selection of high end rods or reels to barter or cash whichever suits. Complete...
  11. Classified Sales
    I sell Rods Hardy Angel II, 14 feet, line 9, 4 sections, in perfect condition, as new. I send photos by email or WhatsApp. Price 475 euros Shipping by dhl included to Ireland and UK. Reduced 400€
  12. Classified Sales
    Brand new in box never used size 6/8 its bigger than You think will suit 13 ft rods. Black with snake handle. Nice click £250 posted
  13. General Board
    Hi, what are some brands/models of powerful rods similar to the Daiwa Wilderness WN150113. Been looking for one of these for ages with no luck. Any other older rods had that level of stiffness/power? Or even current models that aren’t too expensive. Weight not so much of an issue as it’s to...
  14. Spinning
    Afternoon.. I'm looking to treat myself to a new spinning rod for the coming season. I've always been a Daiwa kind of guy and have used my trusty 11ft Altimor and my 10ft Vulcan for a number of years so will probably stick with Daiwa. 2 rods I'm considering, the new Whisker and the Shogun...
  15. Rods
    Does anyone know anything about this Icelandic rod? The company has stopped trading apparently, and I have the opportunity to buy one of these 13' rods cheaply - It comes with 2 tip sections, & feels as though it might be just the job for the smaller river and summer salmon.
  16. Rods
    Seeking a new allrounder 14' #9 Ok, I've been posting to rod topics, but not getting an answer. I'm living quite north, so we don't have that much of services around here, so some of the rods are just impossible to test before ordering. So, would like to get some feedback from couple of rods...
  17. Rods
    Unfortunately it appears due to wear and tear I have a prolapsed disc in my upper back/ neck area. Looks like the spring trip to the Dee won’t happen and I am concentrating on getting better for Norway in June. Unfortunately it means I have to look at the equipment I am using and the 15ft rods I...
  18. General Board
    Has anyone got one or have any info the above rods and what are they like . Thanks
  19. Classified Sales
    Hi folks. I have 1 rod available for Park South on Monday the 3rd of Febuary and 1 rod available for Park North on Tuesday the 4th of Febuary. I also have a rod myself both days so if anyone is interested in these 2 dates I'd be happy to let them go for £40 each. I've already paid them and can...
1-20 of 238 Results