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  1. Scottish Rivers
    Any whispers from the Allan, following the wee rise in water?
  2. General Board
    Fished river cree yesterday ,club water,after wee rise. Managed 3 nice sea trout up to around 3lb.also lost what I think was a nice grilse. Water had lots of debris coming down in the morning. Yesterday's catches fish pal,14 sea trout, 2 salmon Not bad for wee rise
  3. Trout Fishing
    Don't get out on the river so much these days but was out on a few evenings last week. The water was fairly low but in previous years that has not really mattered too much for the evening rise. In fact, some of the best evening rises I have encountered have been in low water. Last week, the...
  4. Scottish Rivers
    Any news on these rivers, following the rise in water?
  5. General Board
    This last week or so a lot of rivers have seen an increase in catches is this due to a rise in water or a drop in air and water temperatures, until today i would have said it was due to water levels going up. But i was out on the river Don today that has totally missed out on any rise in water...
  6. English Rivers
    Anyone heard about any fishing being recently caught on the Derwent now there has been a bit of rise. Thinking about heading up at the end of the week
  7. General Board
    Anyone seen a river rise as fast as the Angus South Esk did yesterday Morning? Its a near vertical graph.
  8. General Board
    Abstraction - Spey Fishery Board Having read the above, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about, a large 20% of water, is presently abstracted from Britains fastest flowing river. With the ever expanding towns like Aviemore, this percentage could rise, and what effects this could...
  9. General Board
    Please can someone confirm what this is! Stopped off at Kinkell Bridge on the earn with my boy to watch the trout rise and the thing in the picture swam past.
1-9 of 9 Results