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  1. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a wee switch outfit that won't break the bank maybe a shakey switch rod and decent wee reel and line Let me know if anybodys got things they want rid of
  2. General Board
    This is completely new to me and only seen it for first time tonight in this YouTube video. Gets rid of the "rip" in the water when forming the loop. Interesting.
  3. General Board
    Is it me are all/most of their links to other pages of their website not working? Why get rid of the old site before the gremlins of the new site are not resolved?
  4. General Board
    Anyone recognise what these are and how I get rid of them in my flytying drawers. I had tried microwaving and freezing some capes etc and thought I might have got rid of them but sadly not :batty::batty:
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Tried to click on the Reply to Thread button, got an advert for some Facebook cr*p, one of those herpes things that won’t go away and makes you close the whole window to get rid of it. I’ve had the same thing when simply scrolling down posts on an iPad. Something needs to be done about it.
  6. Classified Sales
    SOLD For Sale Guideline 9/10 Scandi Head Mint Green in great condition Only Used Afew Times No Box Wife Got Rid Of it In Bin Im Sure £28 posted. Forgot To Mention Its A Floater SOLD
  7. General Board
    Any thoughts on this. Or what can be done to get rid of these lice ridden disease ridden cesspools. Salmon are on the Brink.
  8. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a Mackenzie 10/11 shooting head multi tip or heads if anyone has anything they're looking to get rid of. Thanks
  9. Classified Wanted
    Anyone got a decent trout reel 7/8 they're looking to get rid of!!!!
1-9 of 9 Results