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  1. General Board
    Hi, I would like everyone’s opinion on working the fly please. Do you? If so where and when? And when not to. I get figure of 8ing it on slower runs and do this for better fly movement but have yet to hook a fish on the retrieve. Although have had some action on the first pull to start a new...
  2. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a Opti Strike reel - in very good condition. Prefer RHW (but LHW will be okay - as I will just change the retrieve). PM please. Pick-up in Spey/Dee area can be arranged…...
  3. General Board
    Hi guys is the loop multi silent drag or silent retrieve or just silent all the time , tnx
  4. General Board
    Hi guys¡ Hope you are doing great. I have a loop classic 8/11 reel, and need to know where can I send it to change the retrieve of it. I live in South América, and I could not find on the loop website a dealer who can help me in my country. I have a friend who is travelling soon to sweden...
  5. General Board
    there was on the FF&FT website an interesting blog by Malcolm Greenhalgh with the above title. Apparently we English are cursed with the habit of casting across, mending the line and swinging the fly - something I've always done and in fact urged to more of when steelheading in the Western USA...
  6. Reels
    Does anyone know if it's possible to change retrieve direction on these reels? Thanks! Svein
  7. General Board
    When spinning for salmon, the speed at which you retrieve the lure is one parameter that can be easily changed. The speed of the retrieve is usually determined by several factors including the time of year that you...Read More Scotland's first online salmon fishing magazine | SSFS
  8. General Board
    Loop model 4 reel for some reason has stopped working as it should was fine a month ago the problem is when you tighten the drag knob the reel has the same tension on the retrieve any suggestions for a quick fix or do I need to send it away cheers in advance for any help craig
1-8 of 8 Results