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  1. General Board
    So many reports I didn't want to send PM's to all so I'll get it done this way. I sent the person a message and will see what happens next. If the post drive results in #51 being a sales post I knnow what to do and the radar is working. Thanks to the heads up :cool:
  2. General Board
    This is the published results of the 2019 Dee smolt tagging project
  3. River Dee
  4. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    The results of the smolt migration study on the River Dee have just been released. This year there were minimal fatalities from in river predation. The majorities of losses occurred in the last 1.5 km within the harbour.
  5. General Board
    Amazing how a poor year for salmon turns into a special year for other things Took me a long while to achieve these results And will be remembered for the year of only one salmon.
  6. The Art of Casting
    Anyone got any info on results from this or any links ?
1-6 of 6 Results