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  1. European Rivers
    Hi there. I'm heading to Iceland in a few weeks. The season has been only open for a couple of weeks but there have been no reports yet. The water appears to be low. Anyone been over yet? Any updates?
  2. Picture Gallery
    Had this silver 5.5Ib fish from Woodmill, full write up in river reports. Photo does not do the fish justice but kept in net and released. Sewinfly. ...........
  3. English Rivers
    Best wishes for the New Year to all Ribble rods. Lets hope we get more water for the season a head & hopefully better runs of fish. I know it's a salmon forum but are there any of you out fishing for Grayling ? If so it would be great to read your reports on how your doing.
  4. General Board
    Flextec 13 foot Hi. Just throwing a shout out for the guy who wanted a Flextec 13 footer. He was on the Eden river reports. I think he was called Dave Carne not sure. Anyway there is one for sale on EBay at the moment. 3 hours left from now.
  5. Kharlovka - ASR
    Has anyone seen any info on the ASR rivers? They opened at the weekend but I cant find any interim reports.
  6. General Board
    Hi Reading this months T&S river reports. Frank Henderson reports that 60% of Deveron smolts don't make it to the sea. Now if these smolts are tagged and they are breakfast, dinner and tea for FEBs, then why not impregnate the tags with a small capsule of pareseatomol or similar. Apparently one...
  7. Rookies Corner
    Does anyone know why there are no grayling in Ireland OR are they there and we don,t hear any reports Thanks
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    The world really has gone bonkers when newspapers print this sort of rubbish!! When dairy farmers need all the help they can get, and going out of business in ever increasing numbers because of cheap milk imports, the nutter who got permission to have this ad printed (by going to the High...
  9. Canadian Rivers
    Good News All; So far it is shaping up to be an excellent season this year in Newfoundland. A distinguished salmon biologist explained to me a simple method for predicting how big a run will be on a river in any given year. Obviously it is not bullet-proof but in my 20 years experience it has...
1-9 of 9 Results